Soul Contracts and Healing Goals

You are free to move about. The compression that we were experiencing has been lifted and there is a vast amount of energy from Mother Earth available to you. Feel bathed in her beauty. Breathe in her energy and put it to good use by building up your own free flowing lifestyle.

Do you have goals yet? Do you know what you want to do this spring and summer? Are there things that need to get done? Yes, of course. Write things down and prioritize what you want to accomplish by September.

This may be a good time to take some college courses. The summer terms are shorter. You may get so much done by taking these compressed classes. They count just the same as courses taken in the longer semesters and will look good on your resume.

Do you want a promotion or change in careers? Relax and build up your confidence. So many people are hunkered down and braced for some type of impact. Just what exactly do you think is going to hit you so hard? Do you really need that fear/insecure barrier between you and the world? We have spoken so many times of relaxing and allowing God and spirit to bring your life to you. If you are tense and braced for impact, good energy and blissful light won’t be able to reach you either.

Loosen your arms, shoulders and back. Shake out some of that stagnant “nothing’s gonna change” energy and be ready for some exciting changes. If you repeatedly say to yourself that nothing will change, the Universe will not give you any changes! This is a simple concept and you are so smart. It makes Us wonder why you intend upon limiting yourself so much.

Our best guess is that you have some unnecessary baggage from childhood or at some point before now. Are these issues worth giving up so much of your success in this Earth life? No! Not even close. Every painful experience is a chance for you to learn, grow, alter your behavior and make your next experience more successful. Your childhood emotional injuries are better left in childhood. What is your purpose for carrying around all of that useless baggage? Is it working for you? No!

Review what still lingers in your past and threatens to unravel you. Make sense of it and accept it a part of who you are. Forgive everyone involved and release it. Easier said than done? No. It really is this easy. YOU are the one giving some unfortunate experiences so much power over you.

You want to explain to Us that some things are so horrible that they are not easily dismissed. This is also not true. You may have been beaten, abused, raped, accidentally caused someone’s death, lost a sibling to trauma or violence, had a father who was a serial killer, suffered from gender confusion… This is all intended to teach you and alter the way you live your life from that experience forward. Each experience was chosen for specific lessons. You asked for this type of expansion and God has given it to you.

Please place everything in perspective. If you were a child and you did childish things, this is acceptable. If you are an adult and you do childish things, this must be changed. You may have been drunk driving and accidentally killed your sister in a car accident. Then, you must make changes to your behavior in order to learn from this, help others also affected and hopefully teach others in your community how to avoid making these same mistakes. If you are still drinking and driving, you must make changes. You have NOT used the experience to improve and benefit your life. You are teaching others that you are ego-driven and do not care about the safety of others around you. This is not God’s Will. This is your insistence to block any good from arising out of the original tragedy. You have not learned or taught anything of any value. Marginally, you may serve as a negative role model for wasting your life after your serious mistake. If one person may look at you and teach themselves and others that you have managed your life in error, then maybe you have helped someone. This is NOT the intended outcome but God wishes for each of us to learn from contrast.

Your true life is on the Other Side. You have contracts with your soul group. Your sister was involved in writing this very tragedy and she agreed to leave under unpleasant circumstances. Now she is waiting on the Other Side and is expecting you to follow through with your part of the agreement and learn from your drunk driving mistake and make positive changes in the family, community and outside world. She understands that you have been traumatized but after a period of mourning and shock she is expecting you to make some necessary changes. Her soul is successful while she fulfilled her contract. Her lessons were learned and she returned home.

The soul of your sister achieved some much-needed learning. This Earth-school was formed to allow you and her to carry out some challenging situations. The same is said for the serial killer father, the rapist and the person who beat people. These were also soul contracts for the purpose of learning. Their soul may or may not be dark or even gray. This person may have agreed to such a difficult challenge because they were advanced enough to need more complicated experiences. Or, they are dark and preyed upon others without any contract or agreement. If your life was truly impacted by a dark or evil person, you still are expected to find growth. These experiences are a part of who you are and any denial of it will be non-productive.

Another example is a single mother who has several children. A sexual predator of children befriended her and eventually was able to begin a relationship. She is overworked and tired. The predator is especially helpful around the house. Her children begin to complain of improper touching from the boyfriend. He, of course denies it and the single mom wants to believe him because she loves him and continues to need his help. After a period of time, the predator leaves or is asked to leave. What were the lessons?

Her children have suffered from sexual abuse from the boyfriend and neglect from her. How many years does it take to recover from this abuse? That is up to each child. The actual process may take many years. The children must work through all of the results that flowed from the dysfunction. Are they able to forgive their mother? Are they able to forgive the boyfriend? It is God’s Will to look at all of the circumstances involved in this life. The mother failed to protect her children and continued to believe they were lying about being abused by the boyfriend. God asks each child to view their life and understand their mother’s limitations and ineffective coping skills. Is she able to acknowledge her responsibilities? Perhaps not. Are you expected to learn, grow, forgive and accept these unfortunate events as a part of who you are? Yes. Whether or not this mother is about to account for her shortcomings, the children are expected to make their own life better.

Each child must make peace with their trauma and resist any urge to be abusive themselves. They must raise their own children with the proper amount of supervision and safety to keep them from being abused by someone as well. They are tasked to keep track of each child and be fully aware of who will be in contact with them. They must also recognize any behavioral changes that may signify the child is abused.

Then, the mother dies and returns to the Other Side. It is possible that she still will not account for her mistakes. She does not accept the Light unless she wants to. She may very well continue on with her same limitations that she displayed in life. Will her lack of objectivity affect her children? No. Each of them is dealing with their own circumstances because they are adults now. They are responsible for their own behavior. Was this a soul contract? Yes, very likely.

These two examples will hopefully help you understand the purpose of your current Earth life. The circumstances that greet you day-to-day are designed to teach you certain lessons. These lessons were designated by you prior to incarnation. These situations were intended to teach you something that you have not already learned or to help someone in your soul group to learn from.

You have noticed that the sister of the drunk driver was aware of her contract with the person who caused her death. You also understood that the mother of the sexually abused children did not accept her contract with her children in this life and did not acknowledge her responsibilities. Both outcomes are possible. You may or may not fully understand what your behavior taught those in your life. The same is said for the person who died of lung cancer who continues to smoke on the Other Side. It is your choice to make positive changes in spirit to advance your soul or to continue to divert your attention to unhealthy behaviors. The serial killer may choose to stay in the dark. Should you learn from his impact upon your life? Definitely. These are your choices. The person who influenced your life have their own set of circumstances. YOU are responsible for you.

Make your fair weather plans. Set some goals and put some old, unproductive issues to rest. You are an adult making adult decisions. Take responsibility for the direction of your life and choose to release any debt you feel others owe you. You may not get any acknowledgement or apology from the adults that harmed you. It is up to you to improve your life anyway and build a better life for the youth in your family. It is Our hope that We explained this concept clearly.

Some distance from your childhood trauma may help you to heal. Please don’t pretend it didn’t happen. This was something that was present in your life to give you reason to find God and become stronger. We welcome you home. The more you understand the purpose of your life the quicker you will find God and make a postive impact on those around you.

Teach through grace and beauty. Do your best to be that positive role model and not teach others through pain and darkness.

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