Some Down Time

Time seems to be moving more slowly than usual. It may even feel like it is standing still. Cosmic forces are pushing against for now. Some sun and moon signs are signaling relief soon. It will definitely feel much less stressful at the end of this week.

What to do while you are treading water? Get ready for the next few months. Start your plans for the Spring and Summer. Be mindful of how much money you have to spend and what kind of time you need off from work. Travel may be tumultuous this vacation season. Expect some delays in flights and some booking mix ups. It will be best to relax and flow with the built up energy. Getting upset will not resolve anything and will actually make matters worse.

Are you not planning a vacation? That’s ok too. Make plans for staying at home and getting things done. This would be a grand time to boost your spirituality. Find some books to read, some classes to attend and brush up on your meditation skills.

Find a local park and be grounded. Sit quietly and imagine some thick, full roots sprouting from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Go as deep as you like. Envision yourself being solidly attached to the fertile ground. Soak up the sun, air and energy around you. Imagine filling up with the crystal clear energy of Universe. Brighten your being and flush out any dark or muddy colors in your physical body. Fill back up with White Light and surround yourself with the endless refilling of the comfort and contentment of Mother Earth.

It would be a good time also to cleanse the energy of your home. There are many cleansing exercises you may research on the internet. Find a few you like and give them a try. You may always brighten your living environment throughout the day by imagining your home or apartment filling to overflowing with intense White Light. You don’t need any special herbs, salt or crystals to try this method. The phrase about filling your cup overflowing is actually a wonderful example of boosting your spiritual energy. If your cup is overflowing than there is an endless supply of God’s light and love. You are never at risk of using up the love that God has for you. This is also true of stressful events. God does not leave your side through any pain or turmoil. You may feel more alone but it is actually you turning your focus and energy inward. God is still there, always. His love and support is always flowing to you.

You may find it beneficial to relax and relieve your mind and body of stress. Surround yourself with God and resist the urge to feel in control of things that you have no control over. This amount of faith will actually bring God closer to you since your defenses will be down. Things will naturally work out and you will notice that your stress reaction was not beneficial to begin with. “Give it to God,” is a beautiful phrase to get you through anything. Trust that God will take care of it and you only need to have faith.

If it is a medical concern, you do have the responsibility to seek accepted treatment AND rely upon your faith. God is not in favor of refusing Western Medicine. There is a need for medical treatment and the faith of knowing this is all a part of God’s Will. Any illness or injury is intended to teach you, and those around you, something. Lessons will not be accepted by your mind if you cling to anger, stress and fear.

This is also a great time to get moving! Walk, run, ride a bike… Get out in the world and breathe in some wonderful energy. Make exercise a habit. Make sure to take care of your arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, asthma… Get well and stay well. Make being full of God’s Light a habit. Be in the moment and feel refreshed and calm. You will accept and succeed in any challenge that the world brings your way. Your response to contrast is improved if you exist at a higher vibration. Being healthy and well means that your energy is at a higher level and not deep down and gloomy. Your responses will take less effort and will resolve more quickly than if you have to bring yourself up from an emotional basement first, then cope after that.

Use this lull in activity to boost your health and vitality. Meditate and get caught up on some spiritual literature. Be grounded to Mother Earth and God. Remember to release any commotion quickly and with faith. Clear out your living environment as well. Spring will feel much better if you raise your vibration and accept the influx of new energy. Be brighter and more cheerful knowing that you are cared for and protected by God.

Do your best to light up every room that you enter by filling all of your spaces with intense White Light. People will notice the positive changes that seem to follow you everywhere that you go. This is something that you would like to be known for, isn’t it?

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