Your “Final” Journey

The ship has made it to the maiden shores. The weary travellers disembark the sturdy ship. One by one, each traveller is met by their loved ones and are hurried away for a long needed nap.
You don’t want to nap? But everyone needs one whether they believe it or not.
After this period of rest, family and friends come from far and wide to welcome you home. There is a celebration which overshadows even the most celebrated holidays. You are the guest of honor. People approach you to congratulate you on your success and to reminisce about a time long past.

This is your journey after death. You are honored and appreciated. Your life is celebrated as you kick off your shoes and relax.

Once you have decompressed from your transition from a solid mass to Light and love, you are encouraged to do your life review. You and your most prestigious guides stand before a viewer and audit your life from start to finish. Each life stage is reviewed. You have the chance to “see” the decisions made in life from outside of the experience.

You may see the direction of your choices and the influence that they had on your life experience and progression of learning. You are capable of being objective for this process. You will have enough distance from living this life so that you can learn and grow. Being in spirit, you will understand that your current earth life was intended to teach you a series of lessons. While here in life now, you tend to mistrust or question this.

You will be left in peace so you may review your notes and contemplate your decisions. At some point you will realize which lessons were learned and which ones you may want to repeat the experience for again. You have a choice to incarnate again or continue to learn while remaining on the Other Side.

You may think you will be weary and emotionally spent after this life but, surprisingly enough, you will have Universal energy again and may want to try some things over.

In spirit, you do have the option to stay here on earth for a period of time. You may want to oversee some loved ones and make sure that everyone is ok. You will have the ability to make your presence known because you have not been long removed from the earth’s atmosphere. The longer you spend on the Other Side, the more likely you will lose your ability to interact with the living. Don’t worry. This is a skill that can be taught to you if and when you want to visit loved one’s you have left here.

You may wish to return for special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, weddings and funerals. Many people will recognize the occasion if you make your presence known. “I think my grandmother came to visit me on her birthday. I could smell roses and a warm breeze brushed my face and I was indoors at the time!” Or, “My mother came to get my dad after he died. I had a vivid dream about her and she reassured me to not worry about him. All is well. They looked so young and in love.”

It may also be comforting if you visit loved ones on earth during stressful situations, illness or times when they are not being objective about their experiences. You may help them to relax. Often, departed loved ones will visit your dreams because your defenses are low at that time.

You may remember that when you have had visits from spirit that you become fearful. You ASSUME that something horrible is wrong. You may even sage grandma out of your house. You may say “I heard a bell tinkling and smelled lilies, I think someone is going to die!” Wow, that was an overreaction! Grandma just wanted you to relax about your current stressors. You are allowing your imagination to run wild and she wants to comfort you.

Perhaps, Auntie and Uncle want to see the new baby too. They died a few years ago but this is still a special occasion. They offer their blessings just as any living family member does.

Some very lovely people have been saged, chased, threatened and blocked from being involved in your lives. How do you differentiate between loved ones and ghosts? By being grounded to God and Mother Earth, protected by White Light and posting your animal guides/spirit guides as your gatekeepers. Perform your favorite protection exercises in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime.

Be strongly protected as you meditate and spirit will give you the information that you need. You may hear grandma’s favorite song on the radio, smell Uncle’s pipe, see a vision of your father or hear your best friend calling out to you. Then, please avoid the urge to stretch everything out of proportion again. Remember what you felt like the moment you were given the message. Keep that experience in your mind and don’t sensationalize it with fear.

You felt warm, protected and loved when spirit gave you a vision of your departed father holding your new baby. He wants you to know that he is watching over your little one and not to worry. Then afterward you forget about the reassurance you felt and now fear that since your father is dead your baby will die as well. Like he came to get him/her and take them back to Heaven. Wow, again!

Please don’t do this to yourself. Fear is not the message that your loved ones in spirit want to give you. They love you deeply and want only the best for you. They also have the added bonus of being able to view more of your life than if they were still living. They “know” that you will recover from your gallbladder surgery. They “know” that you will travel to Paris like you have always wanted. They may even bring other gifts to you like money, a chance to move to a better place, a better MD, help find your lost dog or bring information about those college courses you want to take.

Be vigilant about connecting with God. Perform some protection exercises and meditate daily. Be open to love and messages from spirit and departed loved ones. Resist reacting in fear and hold close the feeling you had when given the original message. Relax! Sage your house, burn white candles, pray for protection by using Saints… and live freely in faith and a positive, hopeful perspective.

Allow God, spirit and departed loved ones to take good care of you and lead you toward the success and reassurance of the Light.

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