Your Life Purpose

What is this earth life all about?

Trial and error.
Growth and maturity.
Love and contentment.
Starting from one level upon your path and continuing on to a higher level.
Growing closer to God.
Finding more forgiveness and much less judgment.
Building up the next generation to be much better than the one before.
Finding undeterred faith.
Teaching and learning.
Finding that spiritual success outweighs material success.
Being your authentic self.
Find other Beings of Light and not just the religious figures you are accustomed to.
Caring for your elders and for youth.
Learning to forgive without hesitation.
Accepting illness and conflict as causes to grow and become more enlightened.
Building economic stability for our generation and the next seven.
Accepting that Mother Earth is as devoted to your success as God and Heaven.
Transforming challenges into spiritual growth.
Protecting the environment while building the infrastructure for future generations.
Reverse global warming and saving countless animal populations at risk.
Raising children, whether your own or those in your family and community.
Curing disease and developing immunizations for the most common afflictions.
Building a bridge from you to spirit.
Accepting your eternal life as a learning, maturing soul.
Fulfilling your contract with others in your soul group.
Losing your ego desires and needs.
Behaving as ONE with the Universal Consciousness.
Learning from history and guarding against repeated human mistakes.
Identifying the dark from the light without making exceptions for truly evil deeds.
Being open to other religious views and unfamiliar Beings of Light.
Avoid dogma regarding any topic or belief system.
Be centered and grounded to commune more closely with God.
Be responsible for making the world better at home and extending outward.
Offer common kindness to every human in any state of need.
Teaching others experiences of your path and support them on their own journey.
Accept religion has advanced due to increased knowledge and understanding.
God loves all of us without care for skin color, religion or primary language.

Many people are focused upon their life purpose and what to do to be more spiritual. This is a list to keep for reference. Your life is not mysterious. It is one life in a long series of lives with goals and experiences charted within them. “Being God, for God” is much more simple than you make it out to be!

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