Easter For Your Enlightenment

We are coming upon some very wonderful days. It is said that God gave us His only Son and He died for us to wash all of our sins away. This is a monumental experience. There are so many wonderful events and gifts that are included in the celebration of Easter. We may have a difficult time setting it out before you.

1. God has our existence planned. He intended to give us His Human Son at a time when all perception of God and religion was at a devastating low. It was not popular to believe in Jesus and the profound beliefs He shared with you. This was as it was intended. In order to feel truly faithful to the Teachings of God you had to find faith despite some pretty horrible events in the Life of Jesus.
It was a test of your faith at that time and it still is now. Do you believe in God and the Gift of His Son? Would you be able to stand at the foot of the cross and pledge your faith to Him? If it meant the end of your life by brutal means, would you still pledge? This is your task now. How important and strong are your feelings about faith and religion? Would you die for what you know to be the true?
Some of you are blessed with a strong faith that leads you to draw attention to yourself. Others will share their faith openly in an effort to bring the Word of God to non-believers. And still more are not so sure of their journey yet. All of these levels of faith are ok. We only ask that you keep open and allow Us to bring you the word of God and spirit.

2. Devastating loss brings you closer to believing in a Higher Power. You may have lost a child to an illness or accident. You may have lost your father to war. You may have lost some of your own physical abilities to injury or disease. When everything feels beyond your ability to understand, that is where some of you find God. Being close to the edge of coping may bring you hope that there is something greater. The pain of loss may lead you to finding more purpose and meaning.
This is a fine line. Serious loss may also push you toward anger, depression, substance abuse, violence… Or, you may have found darkness at first then were able to find the Light after some time. Each experience is intended to teach you. Our hope is that you find those lessons and also the calm and peace of surrender to your faith.

3. You must all OWN the crucifixion of Jesus. This was a human act. The darkness that brought about the death of Christ is still in your nature. There are many roots of what one may call evil. These are people who value money and greed over life, respect of others and Mother Earth. Any one of you may be on a teeter totter. You may veer toward meanness and cruelty then rebound back to hope and Light. Our journey is intended to bring you fully out of the dark, muddy and sluggish energy of the Earth’s energy and bring you fully into God’s Light.
Recognize the times when you express your darker thoughts against homosexuals, ethnic groups, other religions, a different gender, uneducated people… Is there enough hate in you to crucify someone? Be mindful of the power of your own darkness. You may spread your animosity to those close to you. You may be a role model to children or a leader in the community, so be cautious of your message. Jesus had not condemned anyone. He found acceptance for each of you no matter your religion, skin color, gender, country of origin, predominant language… This is your role model. Be Christ in human form. Walk the journey of healing and acceptance and don’t be too proud or boastful to offer love to all others. Jesus was truly human. You are capable of all of His wonders. This is a good goal for you in this life.

4. Relax with your fears of not making advances soon enough. You somehow fear being behind others on the path to enlightenment. Quick doesn’t matter as much as thorough. We would much rather you fully grasp the concepts being presented to you instead of you rushing ahead without true comprehension. This is not a race. This is a journey which moves fast at times but yet slows for a good long while as well. We move at the pace of your learning and comprehension. We may repeat some lessons that you still need to fully grasp and move quicker on lessons that you already have a good working knowledge of.
We are beloved family members of yours. We approach your learning with great care and nurturing. We gather around as needed. Some times you are independent and need Us less. Other times you need us to be fairly close. This is ok. We do not judge. It is Our honor to guide you and We celebrate your advances as well.

5. Sometimes it is ok to be still and pensive. You do not need to make every moment count and miss the Word of God. It is in the quiet times that We closely commune with you. It is far greater for you to perceive and hear us and not make rushing judgments. Time for contemplation will actually help you gather your energy for the travel ahead. We often send messages with birds, the wind, a breeze through chimes… Sit and focus on your goals. Open your mind and allow Us to give you guidance. Feel your sense of security grow as you become closer to Us. There is so much joy in the Word of God. Rushing and calamity is not conducive to good emotional health.
Think of flowing with God’s energy. When you think about the peace and stillness of faith, it is not full of rocks, walls or debris. It flows like leaves in a breeze or a flower in the current of a stream. Your connectivity is essential to knowing God personally.

Celebrate according to your wishes or customs. Remember the purpose of these next few days and rejoice in your freedom, which was granted by God with the death of His Son. Take time to contemplate your relationship with the Holy Father. This is your gift from Him.

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