What Walls?

Do you imagine how difficult it is to break down any barrier that exists between you and the Divine? Why would you have those walls in the first place? It doesn’t seem to make sense unless you think literally about it. Why the walls?

1. Childhood is a peak time to build walls. You have fears and the unknown may seem too daunting for you to allow. So, you build walls of immaturity. You mostly follow what the adults in your life are doing. They have walls about everyday things, fears, belief and experiences. You adopt those same walls. You rarely question it at such a young age.

2. You grow up enough to challenge the walls of your adults. This may happen when you are struggling for more freedom but some people don’t question their walls at all. You have angst or conformity. Either one provides you comfort and individuality. Possibly the more angst you have the more controlling and critical your adults become. Either way, you test your walls and decide to bolt or stay put. You may sway back and forth and adopt some version of your existing walls.

3. Adulthood comes. You find that walls seem to make your life more manageable. Things won’t get out of line because you have to compartmentalize EVERYTHING. You may believe that children are less stressful if you give them walls which will limit their unflattering behavior. You place your elders in walls because you have your own life and don’t really need any surprises. Walls seem to make life manageable…BUT. These same walls keep you from being nurtured and comforted by God and other very loving beings of Light. YOUR rigidity keeps you away from the Light.

God has a plan for you. This was set into place prior to your birth and it was a cooperative effort between you (as your soul), God, your spirit guides, your loved ones and any other earth guides who will impact your life at different points in time. If you are busy fortifying your walls, what happens to your chart? You are not on it. You have chosen your own direction and it likely has to do with money, wealth and materialism.

There is another side to this coin. You may believe you are destined to help others. You devote time and energy to lift other people up and create their own success. Why is this a bad thing? You may be here to make money, start a business and donate to many causes and repair human woe with a financial committment. You may have had a dozen lives of service to humanity and this particular one is about using materialism to reverse some human failings. The life of service comes easy to you because you have been there, done that.

Try not to be so incredulous. Each life has purpose(s), theme(s) and steps on the Stairway to Heaven. Follow the plan. Release your need to keep all energy away from you and instead learn to allow only the good energy to be accepted. Helping others is not a bad thing but it may be your purpose to build up the economy, develop new technology, employ a large number of people, fund the push to cure cancer…

Even “spiritual” people may have a hard time truly being open and receptive. We have to focus to open doors, set goals to meditate and commune with guides who know your path intimately and take the road that is set before you. You may have your life purpose all wrong. You might be picking, choosing and randomly guessing at what your life is about. This does not sound effective. Trust that you have goals to meet. Your openness to the Divine might be your only map and you may be ignoring it altogether.

The road less travelled may not be so sought after. You may have more practical goals.

Begin by opening doors. All of your doors. Be available to God. Allow your guides to bring the events of your life to you. Living with great faith is so simple and easy. Each discovery or decision should not be painstaking. Life flows if you allow it. Be open. Accept and send out energy. Connect with God and Mother Earth. Relax. God does not speak to you under great pressure. He is heard when you are still, quiet and listening.

Meditation is necessary. Some people fear that devils and demons will overtake them when they are in a meditative state. Please, perform as many protective exercises that resonate with your current belief system. Protect yourself before and after each meditation. Ask God, Jesus, Angels, Saints… to protect you. Enclose yourself in a sheath of White Light that allows only beings from God to communicate with you.

Fear begets fear. Anxiety will make you more noticeable to unwelcome energy. Being positive, loving and full of hope will create the proper stage for communing with God. Release your tension and allow the flow of God into your life. Each step is a joy, not drudgery. Life will flow to you and decisions are easy and carefree. You will feel blessed. What you want and need will flow to you without effort. If life is a chore you may be headed up the wrong path.

Relax and allow. Even during times of stress there are no reasons for closed doors. Leaving the door open allows the darker energy to leave more quickly. Faith responds to all actions with acceptance and learning.

You may actually be very surprised by your true purpose in life. Embrace it and definitely don’t slam the door on it. If you sense the tension of maintaining your walls, release it and come ever closer to God.

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