Combat Ego

How do you combat your ego voice? Stop all of the internal dialog in your head. It really isn’t that easy to do. We all have tendencies to talk to ourselves throughout our day.

The one best suggestion is to filter through only YOUR voice talking to yourself and omit all other voices or thoughts. This approach takes a lot of practice and persistence. You really have to stay on top of the inner dialog because you will likely restart it if you forget your focus.

What is the result? You will hear only silence and this may seem unnerving. Many people will not go to this extent. We have come to believe that our inner voice is comforting and humorous. We say things to ourselves which may seem like being your own friend or keeping yourself company.

Have you heard of “thought insertion?” Some people believe that this is a part of being intuitive. You may believe that spirit, God or other loved ones will give you a thought that just pops into your head. You have no way to explain why you had the thought or where it came from but it was very well-timed. “Remember your lunch,” just before you leave your home to travel to work. “Don’t forget your glasses.” “Call Stacey about lunch.” They may be reminders or suggestions and they don’t seem to originate in your own thoughts or memories. They resonate with you because you did need to remember your lunch, call Stacey back and bring your glasses with you.

Why speak about thought insertion? This is another way that ego may derail your success. Ego may give you direction that just enters your mind. It may seem minimal or discreet at first until you begin to rely upon it. Then, it will get more fantastical and out of line. Ego will lead you well out-of-bounds and possibly into embarrassing territory if you don’t learn how to catch it.

You may say something that pops into your head then immediately regret it. This is also ego trying to cause havoc and turmoil. Others may begin to be suspect of your mental health. Being able to filter the truth and ego fancy may be difficult but it is necessary. Try not to blurt out thoughts until you have reviewed them and tested it to be your true thoughts.

Other ways to protect yourself from ego disruption are:

1. Be grounded. Achieve and maintain a connection to God and Mother Earth. Being in this emotionally and physically stable condition will ward off many unproductive impulses that you may have.
There are many grounding exercises that you may review and consider. Being grounded is essential to spiritual advancement. If you are not connected, you may feel floaty and insecure and that is not optimal for your positive interactions with the world.

2. Keep only God in your heart. Flush any negative or muddy colors from your being and refill every particle with White Light. Healthy Light is bright, fluid and crystal clear. You must allow energy to flow in and flow back out. Too many people white knuckle life and this is in opposition to your ascension. Fluidity is conducive to good health and being receptive to the input and flow of God. You may now recognize the counterproductive state of putting up walls and shielding yourself from life. Being tense and resistive to energy will lead to illness and stress.
You may realize that when you are relaxed, you “go with the flow,” literally. This can be your natural state. Leave all stress and worry to God. Allow yourself to experience and grow.

3. Clean out your ears. When you are resistive to auditory input you may literally block your ears with dark, stagnant energy. Healthy hearing is not thick or plugged. Your ear chakras are red violet. This hue is actually quite beautiful. As with any chakra, allow your ears to be fluid and full of Light. Many people don’t want to hear about anything negative or upsetting and they will block their ears without fully being aware of it. Make this chakra clearing a part of your daily practise of communing with God and flushing out all dark or muddy colors.

4. Ask your guides to filter your ego voice. The important thing to remember is to give them permission. Even your main guide or guiding angel cannot intervene in your behalf without your permission. You may station angels in your ears or any other comforting being of Light. Keep up with this habit. Once you become lax your ego voice will start up again.

5. Say a prayer to only hear from beings who come from God and act in your best interest. You may weed out any unnecessary chatter by keeping vigilant with this request. You may also pray before bedtime. Ask to be protected by God, guides and departed loved ones as you sleep. Specifically ask to keep any ghosts, negative beings or your own ego voice from speaking to you. This is a filter. The better you become at recognizing destructive voices the less intervention you will need from your Heavenly Hosts.

6. Fill your mind with positive affirmations. Resist the tendency for your mind to wander back to unneeded dialog. Many people have a habit of speaking negatively to oneself. Stop this chatter right away and make sure everything that flows through your mind is positive, supportive and “of God.”
Make a list of your own affirmations or find some which resonate with you through research. This is one of the easiest ways to bring God, angels, Saints and other Heavenly Beings closer. State, “God is with me.” “My angels surround me.” “My guides are keeping me safe and in the Light.” “I heal easily and stay well.” “Money comes easily to me.” Use statements that you find reassuring and bring you comfort.
Strike back at some of your more troubling fears. “I am beautiful and healthy.” “I am active and have energy throughout my day.” “I have many friends.” “I love my job.” Saying it to yourself will actually bring these states of wellness to you.

We understand that you are uncertain about how to rid yourself of your destructive ego. You falsely believe that ego is a part of you. Afterall, everyone has an ego right?! No. It is truly possible to behave and react with only God and good intentions in your heart. Ego is not necessary or wanted. There is no productive job for an ego to perform. You may be self-protective without it.

Have faith and understand that if you experience something stressful or upsetting it is merely a lesson that is intended to bring you maturity and wisdom. Resist the urge to place barriers in your own way. Ego is actually weak and ineffective if you are emotionally healthy and full of God’s Grace. Walking with God will strengthen your resolve to banish your ego voice forever.

This is God’s Will and one of your purposes in life.

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