The Purple Lesson Book

( I have some new guides. Two males. One is Alesandrio and the other is Kona. My posts have a different sound to them and this is why. Working with new guides may take some time but I think I have it in hand. It was difficult to begin with but I have spoken with them frequently so I am comfortable enough now to channel them. Lisa)

It is a fair enough question to ask for direction from spirit. We offer as much guidance as you wish to utilize with hopes it will resonate with your current location upon your path. Do not feel too upset if these words do not speak to you, you are likely at a different point in your ascension. We must offer very general lessons in order to touch the sensitivities of a greater number of you.

Continue to join us for We will certainly touch upon many subjects that will be within your grasp.

1. Asking for spirit help in distress is less effective than if you were to develop a meaningful relationship with your guides daily. Spirit will rush to assist you but many of your troubles could be avoided altogether with regular communication with your guides and loved ones. You would be more in tune with gentle messages and alerts. You would become more comfortable with FAITH and recognize spirit alarm bells well in advance of any drama.

2. Begin spirit communication by writing letters to your guides and departed loved ones. You may question how to reach a guide who you may not know their name or gender. It is as simple to address the letter to your “main guide.” Do not attach a name or gender until you have reached the point of reasonably knowing who you are speaking to.
Letters to departed loved ones are simple. Just communicate with them as you would do in life. Keep them updated and ask them for advice. Death does not end your relationship. Of course they know how you are doing but direct communication will strengthen your intuitive bond with them.

3. Be sensitive to colors and scents. Your main guide may bring a familiar color, sound or odor when they are near. You may even pick up on colors in your area. Sometimes you see color in obvious places but usually you will see them in the periphery of your vision if they are connected to spirit.
Be mindful of these sensory messages that come together. A light rose scent and pink color may your grandmother or an aunt who loved roses. A smell of cigar smoke may be associated with an uncle or other loved one who loved a good cigar. It may surprise you but other mentors in life may drop by as well. One of your favorite college professors may visit with a familiar sound, smell or sensation. Maybe your mailman, former boss or pet may visit as well.
Try not to over think these subtle messages. In fact, it is ok if you don’t recognize which spirit is visiting. They will likely be very forgiving.

4. Remember that even in spirit, family members still have limitations and prejudices. They may still have many lessons to learn about life. Please don’t assume that they have excellent advice for money management or a home purchase. They may have retained their same preferences that they had in life. They want you to be happy so even if a certain home is not sensible they will encourage your purchase just because it will please you.
They may also not have the best direction for medical treatment. If your uncle always told you in life to suck it up and avoid medical intervention, he may still say the same thing. This may be the worst advice after all and just because he is in spirit you may consider his direction to be coming directly from God. This is not so. If grandma never liked your husband in life, she will not necessarily like him now. Be cautious of their direction. Use your own perceptions of your situation and be discreet about the advice you take.

5. There are many reasons why spirit advice may not be accurate.

a. You may be hearing only what you want to hear. Even if you are meeting with a reputable Tarot card reader or psychic, you may still over rule all the information that they are able to provide you. You may be desperate for a baby, wanting to change careers or catch your spouse cheating. Then the reader may mirror all of your intense desires back to you. They may inadvertently reinforce your inaccurate desires just because you want it so badly.

b. You may hear your grandmother’s voice confirming a financial windfall. The amount is sizable and you will not have to work again for the rest of your life. You believe it because you insist that it is your grandmother’s voice. What you are actually hearing is your own ego attempting to destroy your sense of security. Ego loves turmoil and panic. If you allow your ego voice to lead you astray, it definitely will.

c. You may be listening to a ghost. This is more common than you may think. A ghost will make several attempts to get your attention. If you notice them they will step up their game and try to influence your life. Ghosts will interfere in your life as much as you allow. They love ego, fear, conflict and being disruptive. All the while you believe that you have a spirit guide who is very near and noticeable. You think you have hit the psychic jackpot! You may follow their direction into dire circumstances yet believe that you are being guided by God.
It may be difficult to break the bond you have with a ghost since you may go to extended lengths to prove that you are able to hear the word of God, Jesus, angels…
There are actually very few real demons. What may be occurring is an unhealthy communication with a ghost who wants to represent themselves as a demon.
Ghosts may influence your life to appear as though they have merit. They may offer rewards or favors to you in order to lull you into believing that they are reputable. The whole focus is to gain your dependence upon them and wreak havoc in your life.

d. Another possibility is that you have misunderstood or misinterpreted the message. Spirit communicates through many mediums. There is auditory, visual, tactile, taste and “knowing.” With all of these different avenues it is possible to get something wrong.

True faith will increase your chances of receiving accurate information. With faith you will not feel the need to direct what information you are receptive to. You will lessen your need to control that information in order to fit with your life expectations. Ego has a lot to do with inaccurate perceptions. Decrease your insistence upon commandeering your life and God will flow to you naturally.

Use White Light and other protective exercises to keep ghosts away. Make sure to protect yourself on the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. Don’t forget your back! Some people only protect themselves over the portions that they are able to see. Ghosts and other negative attachments will connect themselves behind your shoulders. If they are truly attached then they want to look and see what you see. You may imagine them as standing behind you, looking over your shoulder. If they attached to your front, they would be looking directly at you or directly in front of you. This is not their preference. They want to see you and the world you are interacting with in their sight lines, so a connection behind either shoulder is common. They do have the ability to connect to other areas but this will have more to do with their intent in your life.

Please do not assume you have a psychic attachment. If you really have this concern you may go to a reputable reader and get direction. Use protective exercises and begin from your God Center out. Your God Center is located in your solar plexus. This is where that spark of the Divine resides. Begin there and expand your good emotional health outward. Visualize a solid wall of God’s Light pushing anything negative or unwanted out of your being and far out into the area around your physical body. Use totem animals, angels or departed loved ones to stand guard over you. Set one behind each shoulder and directly above your head, facing outward. Use as many guards as you like. Angels do not diminish your needs and they are always ready to help.

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