The Black Hat

For generations people have been following the Black Hats. Who are these people? The conveyors of religion; the prophets, missionaries and religious scribes of each generation. It was custom in every family to subscribe to one religion and pass this belief system down to the next generations.

In distant past, elders were ashamed if their offspring did not follow the expectations of how and where to worship. This type of dogma was very common and strictly adhered to.

As generations have proceeded since olden times, more freedom has been allowed for youth to follow some of their own broadened belief systems. Naturally, some families still strictly adhere to their religious affiliations. This will be true throughout history.

Youth or immature people vary from religious expectations for different reasons.

1. To be defiant of their parents/ancestors. They wish to shock and awe the established hierarchy.

2. To fulfill their own feelings of lack or need for substance by following their own beliefs and emotions.

3. To follow a religious leader who has piqued their interest and has possibly spoken to their needs for kinship and belonging.

4. As an avenue for rebellion. The religious leader has spoken to their need for turmoil and anarchy. They enjoy being offered a stage for challenging all expectations of society.

5. To follow the darkness. They have a need to nurture their feelings of angst and melancholy. The darkness may seem to answer some of their questions and give them communion with others who share their despondency with life. The blackened soul may seem romantic to their still immature heart.

Society must understand the motivation for these immature people. It is very possible that their time away from God is only temporary. They will mature and see their folly for what it is and return to a more accepted form of religious practice.

It is also possible that they will continue to follow their unhealthy pursuits and become more enmeshed with deviant beliefs. This is a difficult situation for loved ones of these misdirected people. You may try to intervene and either have some success in regaining their trust or you may push them further away. The challenge is to know when to keep pursuing your loved one and bring them back from the darkness or at what point you need to distance yourself so the darkness does not find you.

Understanding the motivation for their needs is paramount to accepting their chosen direction. They may honestly feel they believe in this alternate route and believe that they are fulfilling their soul needs. The really tragic part is that this may be true. You might actually be in a belief system that is not fulfilling YOUR contract with God. You may find frustration and fear for their soul but they may have found some truly miraculous knowledge in their journey.

Fear and dogma go well together. Just because your ancestors worshipped in a certain way does not mean that this is correct. Many things that were common were not really good, productive or “of God.” One such example is slavery. This was very common but not spiritually healthy or right. Some religions used sacrifice. This is also quite questionable. It may have been more acceptable to offer a portion of your crops to a deity but not offer the life of animals or another human.

Please understand that people who kept slaves or sacrificed animals believed that they were doing what was right for their families and communities. Primitive minds perceived nature in primitive ways. A spring dance was believed to have influenced the best crops, so they kept having the dance to start the growing season. Sacrificing an animal seemed to have great influence upon healing people from a particular disease. They routinely sacrificed these animals in response because it was believed to have worked.

Then what if the crops failed and the disease was not cured? Then someone or something must have influenced the process. Now, they needed witches, demons and other scapegoats. The process was changed in a way to make it successful again. This is primitive.

Just as with any human being, knowledge, maturity and wisdom will influence the faith of people. Changes will be made to include newly accepted beliefs. Some dogma will be released. Improvements will include discoveries in health and science. Crops will do well with adequate water and limiting pests. Disease will be cured with developments in Western Medicine. The primitive mind will have evolved to include some very important truths in human, nature and spiritual discoveries. Just as it should.

What your great grandparents may have believed about the world is no longer accurate. We know so much more and new discoveries are made all of the time. Making adjustments to your faith is expected and accepted. Search for the Light and weed out some detrimental prior beliefs. Keep an open mind. Find opportunities in other religions. It is ok to develop your own fundamental belief system by including all varying practices which speak to your soul.

Shifting your religious beliefs to include your gaining wisdom and knowledge is good. Try not to make judgments about other religions which may be stuck in the past. If someone wants your help to accept more dimensions of God, of course, be of service. Find understanding for youth or immature souls because you also were immature in this life and many others. Spiritual growth is a process. It includes many experiences and discoveries. Embrace what brings you closer to God.

Yes, you may make mistakes as well but if your intentions are good, the process may still work. Avoid dogma. Embrace new information and change. Test any new belief and keep it only if it resonates with who you are. You may always go back and test it again. Some lessons do have to come around a few times before we accept them as true.

Broaden your understanding of the world and the unfortunate direction of some religions. You may have to be content with having influence over your own beliefs alone. Knowing your own limits is one part of having wisdom. Offer love to everyone. Try to give empathy and understanding. Bring Light to every experience and worship God the best way you know how. Times will change and that is ok.

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