The Slippery Backward Slope

You are trying to stop your forward progress by back peddling. What you don’t realize is that you are walking in sand and your backward movement is effectively getting you nowhere. You try to diminish your growth by quickening your pace and this is not helping. You are stumbling and back sliding. Your insistence with avoiding spiritual growth is truly fruitless. In fact, you are learning from your back sliding and finding frustration with your lack of true purpose.

What is so fearful ahead of you that you want to avoid greeting it? Is your self-sabotage a positive choice? Why do you fear your near future?

This is likely a result of cosmic influence. Your forward movement is being opposed and you may not realize that you are trying to stop time. We will tell you that it won’t work. Fear is the only reason that We may use to explain your attempts to divert destiny. We will also inform you that fear has no place in spiritual learning and advancement.

The best approach is to replace fear with hope, insight and a positive perspective. Being open-minded to the teachings of the Universe will keep your learning on pace. There is no benefit from lagging behind or taking any detour.

Fear is a product of EGO. Your fragile ego causes you to believe that you may manage some portion of life by being afraid. This is not true. Life happens anyway. Whether you are positive and proactive or irritated and fearful, your days go by. Fear has done nothing but delay your ascension toward God. You have truly not managed anything by living in fear. By giving up your Free Will and God’s Will you have only managed to dig yourself deeper into the darkness. Learning is still occurring but it is flawed and skewed to bring about more fear.

Every experience has a purpose. There is nothing that is meant to undo you. Even a serious accident or chronic illness is intended to teach you and others in your life. Back peddling only delays your happiness. Joy, contentment and solace may be yours despite any heart wrenching circumstance. The good times and the bad are part of who you are and who you want to become.

Use emotional pain and hardship to grow closer to God. Find faith instead of anger and fear.

Standing steadfast in your own spiritual strength is a better approach to life than backpedaling in fear. There is nothing ahead of you that is intended to keep you down. Even tragedy is teaching you.

We feel that some examples may help you to understand Our point.

1. A parent loses a child to disease. There is an obvious period of grief that follows. Then, a review of circumstances which lead to or encouraged this child to be afflicted with this disease to the point of death should be done. What went wrong and what could have been done differently?
Then, this parent may speak about their own reality to keep other children from acquiring this disease or allowing it to progress as far as ending the life of the child.
This is a learning AND teaching moment. The death of the child is the motivating factor for others to learn how to combat and treat this disease. Then other adults may be given the opportunity to be proactive in the battle to end this disease and the negative impact it has upon many families.
The child returns to God. He or she has completed their committment to impact the lives of the people around them. They have left a positive response to their own suffering behind.
It is not intended for the parent to die of a broken heart, commit suicide or become lost in drugs or alcohol. God’s Will is for the loved ones left behind to find comfort and spiritual growth for having gone through the illness and loss of their beloved child. Faith and hope is intended. Unimagined emotional strength is to be honored. This was a lesson with the intended outcome.
Some of you may think about the immunization conflict is a potential example of this.

2. The loss of a parent to cancer is another example. Again, there is a process of grief after the loss. Then, people may feel encouraged to be more proactive in response to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They may share their story with other families and attempt to have a positive influence upon their responses to the disease and the loved one afflicted.
There is much to be learned AND taught about cancer. You are a global community of people who need to be educated and prepared for your possible involvement with this disease.
Be proactive and encourage others to be proactive as well. Encourage loved ones to be screened for cancer based upon any known risks or heredity.
Be a role model for approaching cancer with strength and courage. A positive perspective is far more effective than being sullen or depressed. Share your passion for early diagnosis, treatment and success as a survivor, family member of a survivor or a family member of someone who was lost to the disease.

These two examples are very general. They are intended to give you a glimpse of possible examples in regards to reacting in fear or with faith. We encourage you and your loved ones to combine Western Medicine and alternative therapies to treat illness and disease. God is the same God for you and for doctors and scientists. Western Medicine is “of God.” The need for alternative therapies is to help support the soul and emotional strength of sufferers and their families. There is so much more to healing and wellbeing than pills and surgery.

There truly is not just one way to treat and heal any disease. Along with Western Medicine use as many supportive therapies that speak to who you are and what you find spiritually valuable. There is no cure-all. Travelling to other countries to drink goat embryos is not an approved treatment from God. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. These types of fantastical treatments speak to your ego fear and not to reputable science.

If a miracle is intended for you or the sufferer that you know, it won’t happen if you are not grounded in faith. Fear will NOT bring God closer. The chart has already been written. If you are intended to die of an accident or disease, it will happen. The fear is what you need to release. You may want to travel places for fantastical treatments because you are afraid to die. We encourage you to realize your role in the lessons and experience that you have agreed to bring to others in your life. You accepted this role to teach others in response to illness or an untimely death. It is a gift that you have agreed to give to your loved ones and you will know great honor for this gift when you return Home.

No, you are not a martyr. You are a scholar and a leader. Death is not painful. It is a shift from a solid consciousness to an unrestricted energy form. No pain, no suffering. You will become whole again. The journey has not ended, it has taken another form. YOU do not cease to exist. You are merely capable of a great many things that your human body did not allow. “Going Home” is as comforting as it sounds.

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