Why Fear Damnation?

Why is everyone so fearful of failing to enter Heaven? All of your missteps and poor choices are viewed in context of where you are on your path to enlightenment. If you have just begun to seek God you will not be compared to a Shaman or Yogi. That would be irrational on Our part.

The first step is to absolutely leave everything in the past. Little will be gained by rehashing all of your previous mistakes unless you are reviewing them in order to learn from or to not repeat them again. Look forward. That is where your life is. You may say a prayer for forgiveness for your past deeds but this is not even necessary. Put everything into perspective. Have you learned? Are you more mature? Do you make more good choices than you used to? This is all We ask.

Not one of you is destined for damnation. You have made mistakes. Some of you have made some serious mistakes but there is always a chance to be better and do better.

Make some changes. Do things that are loving and helpful. Be less selfish and greedy. These are simple changes. We are not asking for you to quit your job and become a religious. Seek the Light and spread the Light. Do this from the comfort of your current life. It is this simple.

Many of you have been raised in religious atmospheres which focused upon SIN, PUNISHMENT, HELL and showing how devout you were through suffering and martyrdom. Being faithful was painful, both physically and emotionally. You were allowed little relief. If you questioned the accuracy of this tormented state of faith you were definitely punished.

Very little of this martyred approach to faith is accurate. Much depends upon the spiritual leader who chooses what they teach to their congregation. You may have a Baptist Minister who teaches love and tolerance. You may also have a Baptist Minister who teaches through fear and reprisal. Much also depends upon the region of your house of worship. Some states are known for strict adherence to their interpretation of the Word of God. Newer or unfamiliar religions are chastised severely or pushed out of existence. Other geographic areas are more tolerant and open-minded.

Fear has never been God’s chosen method of teaching. There is always love and hope. You may fall but God is there to pick you up and restart you on your way. Much like a loving Father would. There is always room for learning. There is always understanding for your current limitations. There is always a safe place to land when you make a mistake or have chosen a darker path. No doors in God’s House slam shut in your face. You have more than enough chances to make better choices and gain the maturity needed for spiritual advancement. We “guide.” Practicing your faith is not a forced march at dawn. We “guide” in accordance with what you know now and what you are capable of learning. As you mature, We “guide” in a more advanced way in reference to your ability to learn and to practice what you have learned.

When you are ready for higher spiritual learning, We bring it to you. If you slip a few steps, We bring you those lessons again. None of Our methods teach anything about hate, intolerance, punishment or especially damnation. Even if you are currently mired in darkness, We do not damn you. We simply wait for you to turn around and make steps toward the Light again. We are always there with open arms to welcome you home.

Your mantle is to raise yourself up and those around you as well. Your success does not depend upon someone else’s failure. That is not God’s Way. Success is the uplifting of all of you. Just as We offer unending chances for you to reform, you must also allow unending chances for others to reform as well. This is Our way of asking you to “be God, for God.” Give to others all of the love and support that you have received from God and all of your Heavenly Hosts. This assurance is limitless.

Please do not dwell on your irrational belief that you are damned. This is very far from true. You have many years to make changes to the way you live your life and the choices that you make. It is not too late. Refuse to buy into the “threat” of faith, for it is NOT based in truth. Faith is not wrought with punishment and pitfalls. There is no damnation unless you have gone evil into full darkness. Even then you may still turn toward the Light.

Drop the baggage of feeling unworthy or useless. This was never true. Resist earlier teachings of a religion that may have been misinterpreted or misused. There are hidden agendas throughout religious history. Please allow a more tolerant and respectful approach. Each human life has value and you all have a roadway to follow which was developed through history and religious practice. Your region may have a different language or religious rite but you all end up in the cradle of God. This is as it should be.

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