The Unanswered Question

What do most of you want to know? What is foremost on your mind? Where can you turn for answers?

Here are some answers to FAQ’s.

1. You get to Heaven by not intentionally harming anyone or anything.

2. Mental illness does exclude you from some errant behavior.

3. Things done as a child will be viewed as just that. Something that you did before you knew better.

4. Disrespect of parents, grandparents and other close family is way worse than distancing yourself from them. If you are unable to be positive and make attempts to smooth things over then you are better off avoiding any communication for now. Absence is preferable to being obstinate. When you have matured and have seen conflict through some empathy and objectivity, you may reapproach your loved ones.

5. Taking someone’s life is never acceptable. You may fear for your own safety but a higher vibration is preferred to arrive at a response. God prefers that you wound or injure someone and then seek safety.

6. Many of you are needlessly paranoid. Much of this internal conflict could be erased by true faith (that there is a higher power and a higher purpose) and the release of your ego needs. If you stay positive and protect yourself spiritually you would feel much more freedom to continue on with your life.

7. Much of your belief that illness, accidents or death is a response to some previous behavior is almost completely untrue. Karma is a vibration. You may wish to remain in the higher vibrations for more positive outcomes. There are many lessons in life but they are just different experiences.
“He got cancer and died because he cheated on his wife for so many years.” This may be partially true just because his cheating had caused negative consequences and attracted other negative energy.

8. You may commit some unsavory behavior but a karmic response is more likely if you have not sought to right some wrongs or turned your behavior around to be more honest. An illness or serious disease may occur after longstanding negative behavior with no desire or intent to be positive and loving.

9. Behavior becomes more unpredictable with age. God will take into account an aging or disease process. If you have lost your ability to make unimpeded decisions you will not be held accountable.

10. Money does not bring you happiness. God intends for you to be prosperous and wealthy in order to assist others with that wealth. To be selfish and miserly is against God’s Will. Money changes people. The task is for you to see your way through that greed and become more benevolent and giving. This is simply stated, God gives you wealth in order for you to do God’s Will.

11. Children give you the same behavior and complexities that they have lived with you. You are unable to lie, cheat and react with anger and not expect your child to react to you in the same manner. If you are violent with people you have conflict with, your child will also deal in violence. If you file lawsuits for all of your conflicts, your child will also choose that avenue.
This is also true of good, well-intentioned behavior. Be honest, loving and positive, your child may also live by these same rules.
There are always possibilities for children to behave the opposite as well. Children either learn the same or choose the opposite by your example.

12. Elders must be cared for in later years. This is an expectation of God. You are not entitled to leave your elders to fend for themselves. Despite how they cared for you there is still an unspoken trust that you will care for them to the best of your ability because you have chosen to be a better person. Clan or kinship responsibilities still exist in God’s expectations.
A nursing home is for elders who have lost cognitive function and/or have complicated medical issues which cannot be managed at home.

13. Youth is the future. If you have raised children your responsibility to the future generations has not ended. Stay involved and mentor, coach or “parent” other youth.
If you have not had children yourself the expectation is to also be involved in shaping the next generation to be positive and loving. Lead by example. Be a role model. Volunteer. Being childless is not God’s intention for you to avoid honoring the next few generations.

14. Love teaches by being close but also by knowing when to leave. Being abused is not in God’s plan. He wishes for you to accept your responsibility in the conflict and choose to find better emotional health. God does not want you to be disrespected or mistreated.
Be careful and safety plan. Find help and leave only when you can diminish the risk to yourself and your children or other family members. God honors you and He expects you to honor yourself as well.
These may be difficult lessons but this is what you have chosen to learn from. Finding your higher purpose is most essential to your chart because you have decided to suffer at the hands of another. Find your positive, loving and spiritual life. THIS is God’s Will.

15. Attending Sunday service alone is NOT being spiritual. Your intention to be devout and in the service of God must happen each and every day. Each decision must be weighed with respect and appreciation for God’s presence in your life and the entire world. You must walk the walk and assist others to find God as well. Being a positive presence in your home, office, community, state, country… is essential to your learning process. This life has always been intended for you to grow, mature, forgive, find God, be spiritual and pay it forward.

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