Negative Entities Potential Influence

The Stairway to Heaven is wrought with false doors, oily puddles, ego traps, self-pity detours and negative people and spiritual beings. The best defense is to stay in the Light. Keep your body, home, other places in your life and emotions brightly colored and clear. Avoid the browns, grays, and darker colors in all areas of your life.

Flush yourself with golden light everyday and all throughout. Pray for protection from God and other Heavenly Hosts. Use positive affirmations about being full of love and Light. Use any protective exercises such as a white bubble, white egg, outward facing mirrors, protective animal totems, caring deceased loved ones… to keep you shielded from everything that is not charted. Stay grounded, centered and emotionally stable.

Your chart includes a wide array of lessons. You learn from adversity and this does not always feel positive. These lessons are included in your chart and your spiritual growth is paramount to these experiences. There are definitely other types of influences that occur and these are NOT included in your chart. The more time you spend in lower vibrations, the more likely you will attract and maintain some negative attachments.

What are lower vibrations? Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ego traps, threats or violence toward others, being emotionally/physically/sexually abused or abusive, practice and belief in dark energies/religions, cheating on your spouse, lying/cheating/manipulating in your relationships, anger and reacting in anger, denying your responsibility for any action or event, abusing pets or vulnerable people, hate, directing bad energy and intent toward others… There are many more and We cannot possibly list everything.

The average person knows right from wrong. The only problem is your lack of insight into your behavior or the tendency to deny your responsibility for the way you treat others. You may know right from wrong but lack sufficient self-discovery skills. This may actually never occur in any human life. Some people find it impossible to rise above behaving in lower vibrations. There is a certain amount of maturity that is required to be empathetic and objective regarding your own behavior. If you continue to insist that you are always right, you will not find any cause for learning or ascension.

We are encouraging you to be open-minded regarding the list of dark energies that may impact your life.

1. Elementals are earth-based beings that may filter through to the ground either on purpose or by accident. They are nymphs, sprites, fairies… to name a few. They tend to be mischievous. They like to impact your life either by surprise or turmoil. Some people keep elementals around and develop a relationship with them. It is highly important to keep them happy or they will cause havoc.
It is difficult to tell if you have an elemental. You may find things moved and misplaced. Doors knocking with no one there. Bells ringing. Chatter or hearing some tiny footsteps.
You may send them away by asking them to leave. Always be respectful. If you anger or incite them you will likely suffer some unexpected misfortune. You may want to pray for their departure and ask your guides if they are able to assist you to encourage them to find another place to live.
You may want to cleanse and bless your home. Focus on the floors and corners of each room. Push positive light and energy out toward the walls. Then attempt to seal the home from any outside energy especially low to the ground.

2. Ghosts are earthbound spirits. They have either gone to the Other Side after death or they did not and chose to stay here. They tend to be a darker energy because of the pressure and negativity of the Earth. They may seek the Light but it far easier for them to settle into gray or something darker. They may be family members but they don’t have to be. Many ghosts wander and seek out people or pets that are aware of their presence. They love to be noticed. They may also tend to enjoy upsetting their surroundings through turmoil or mischief.
You may notice cold spots, movement in the corner of your eye, reflections or you may hear them speak or manipulate the environment to be heard.
Some ghosts may have a more virtuous and protective attitude toward humans. They may guard a child from darker energies, attempt to save you from something unfortunate like a fall, try to help you heal… Not all ghosts are bad.
One thing to be careful of is their tendency to manipulate you and your life to cause anxiety, anger and turmoil. Some ghosts feed off of negative energy. It is a high for them. The more upset and panicked they can get you, the more high they get off of your emotions. They may be able to set into motion a series of events to create your feeling helpless and out of control. You may inadvertently develop a relationship with them. You may do and say things that they desire so they continue to set up events to draw this behavior from you. You somehow feel like someone is there to support you and you may be lulled into a false sense of security. You may even mention your ghost to others or have open conversations with them. Just be careful if you are being taken advantage of or led into behavior that you normally would not do. They will draw you into fulfilling their energy needs and desire for sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, conflict or ego. It is as if they will try to live vicariously through you.

3. Demons or devils are actually uncommon. What mostly happens is a ghost may present themselves in a demonic state in order to scare you. Often a bad person in life will go on to be a “demon” in death. The cycle or pain, anger, torment, fear…is intoxicating to them so they present themselves to promote the energy they enjoy and control over you.
These “psuedodemons” may actually respond to exorcism because they are very bad and may not be able to resist being forced out.
They may gain strength through many years and generations of victims. Be cautious against using any name that you feel represents them since calling their name gives them power. Your interaction with them will actually promote your vulnerability to them. It is best to ignore and avoid such beings and seek some type of intervention from religious leaders or a properly trained medium.
A true demon or devil will be difficult to banish. You will likely need help from a variety of people trained to fight this type of intense dark energy.

Some humans actually enjoy the feeling of power a ghost or dark spirit may give them. This may make them feel lofty and above reproach. This definitely is an ego pursuit. The ghost may manipulate your environment or influence others in order to make you feel special. Be very careful. They rarely want what is best for you. By lulling you into a false sense of security, they will impact your life and the lives of others for their benefit only. Your life may take some very dark turns. You may lose your job, go into severe debt, behave provocatively, and lose your vital energy. This type of being may cause you to lose every good thing or relationship that you have in life. People may see you deteriorate and become ill. This type of being will take all of your will and you may die of something dark and horrible. Then, they will seek another victim. They may look in close proximity and begin to abuse a loved one of yours. They choose emotionally vulnerable people who will buy into their siren songs.

This type of parasitic relationship is difficult for people to recognize in themselves. Loved ones may caution them. Healers or religious people may urge them to be more objective. They may not notice all of the destruction that is brought upon them. As long as their ego is being fed, they fight any suggestion that something is wrong.

The best defense is a good offense. Pray, mediate, journal, use protective exercises daily and whenever needed. Make sure you are surrounded by Light. Ask and give permission to your guides to intervene on your behalf. Surround yourself with angels! Make sure you behave and think positively. Being negative, mean, untruthful and down will increase your vulnerability to darker forces.
Keep track of your karma. Cheating on your spouse and stealing money from your employer will make you desirable to ghosts and dark energy. Do your best to be objective about your behavior. Own your mistakes, tendency to be negative or creating havoc for others for whatever purpose.

Proper cleanings of your being and environment will help resist these unpleasant forces. Don’t ASSUME that you have a ghost or other attachment. This is definitely uncommon. You may really be ill, suffering some losses, having some financial problems or at odds with loved ones. Remember that life has conflict and contrast built-in. Many of your troubles are well-intentioned lessons charted for your expansion. Find God everywhere and in everything. This relationship does not feed your ego or destruct your life. God finds no need to lull you into feeling powerful. Feeling blessed is more like it.

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