Gently Pick Yourself Back Up

We have had many frank discussion about race, culture, religion and prejudice. Many eyes have been opened and so have some closed doors. This is a process of learning. We only ask that you open your mind to hear Us teach and consider the possibilities. We don’t expect widespread changes all at once. That is not what spiritual evolution is. In order to make it feel real to you We present it in stages. We carefully nudge you so We don’t inadvertently cause you to shut down and shield yourself from Our teachings.

We will begin to share information about spiritual evolution. We have often referred to the Stairway to Heaven and this makes a great analogy for Our continued discussion. It is a stairway. There are steps, rises and landings. We each come into this life already educated from past lives. Much has been learned before and you are ideally loaded with this valuable information.

Every newborn has a full set of knowledge and memories. Then, the heaviness and darkness of Earth makes this prerecorded information difficult to access. So almost all of these babies lose much of their knowledge about past lives and learned information. There is a great possibility that the child may quickly relearn much of the information but this relies upon their household and environment. The nature vs. nurture issue is really mute at that point. Once the child learns language, expression, safety and support, THEN this issue becomes more valid.

A newborn is like a well protected vessel of God’s teachings. This falls into line with Indigo Children, Crystal Children…

After some development, the child is receptive to every energy in their environment, positive or negative. They begin to censor their expression because some of their knowledge is not accepted by their family unit. If they interact with their deceased grandmother, they are likely chastised, scorned and not believed. Or, they have a family unit that is more spiritually evolved and their sensitivity to unseen objects or beings is supported.

If the child has the support and capacity to embrace spirit, much of their past knowledge will be able to filter through. You gain a lot of headway because your loved ones encourage your spiritual expression. You may advance many steps upon the Stairway. Simple.

If your family is clouded in fear of spirit or disbelief in God, you will not likely regain much knowledge because your subconscious would censor it out of fear of reprisal. You as an individual may allow your previous knowledge to filter through but you would “know” not to express this to your family. You would feel isolated and possibly crazy but you would absolutely feel “different.”

Now fast forward to your young adulthood. You may not always listen to your parents or follow societal expectations. You may allow yourself a certain amount of spiritual freedom. But, in your youth, you might not make the best decisions and you may often misunderstand the teachings of faith. You may turn to the darkness because you feel the need to believe in something, anything. You have that longing to belong and have purpose but your childlike mind may make some wrong turns. It is also possible that you have learned to follow the Light. You have at least a basic knowledge of spirit, angels and God. You make surprisingly good decisions and make progress toward spirituality. Your preloaded knowledge comes back if you are open and ALLOW it. You then “test” this knowledge and decide if your going to keep it or if it doesn’t blend with your current belief system. Much of your preloaded knowledge will be fairly advanced since it accumulates from lifetimes of experience.

As always, We refer to God and Christian beliefs because this is your comfort level. Many religions around the world are also created from the same Higher Power. Please do not discount other positive religious beliefs just because We focus on words and emotions that speak to you.

As you age, the preloaded knowledge will filter through if you allow it. Then you test it and keep it or discard it. If you meditate, pray, journal and look for faith in spirit, angels, saints, Jesus and God, much more information will filter through and you will be more likely to accept it. This “knowing” feels different and comes from a different place than new knowledge. With spiritual practice, you will be more willing to accept it as true. Your advancement will come more quickly. Then you may begin to learn again at a point at which you left off in past lives.

Now We will focus upon the Stairway. From infant to adult you have many life lessons to learn. You progress at your own rate. Your willingness to accept a belief in a Higher Power will move you along. There are always times of dissent or conflict. You challenge yourself or those around you. You decide to move, change careers, study a different religion, question authority… This is normal. If you are growing your boundaries, your preloaded information will blend well with new knowledge. Your struggle may actually speed your ascension. That is not to say that if you do not question the normality of your life you will not progress. You will simply achieve growth in a different manner.

You know yourself very well. Looking back upon your stages of learning or steps on the Stairway, you will understand your routes of progression and it will make sense to you. “Of course I raged against the establishment. That sounds just like me!” Or, “I totally would stop and smell the roses. I am content to learn at my own peaceful pace.” There is no wrong way to learn unless you are intentionally harming others or breaking the law.

Each tread on the Stairway has meaning. You may advance quickly and not even realize how many steps you have ascended. But what if some of the meaning does not blend with your current belief system? You may decide not to blend it within yourself. The Stairway will adjust. The disregarded lesson will likely come back around. Lessons are not withheld from you but it may take a few cycles to finally learn and accept some information. This is ok.

We avoid dogma. We have learned over many millenia that undue pressure does not teach well. We have accepted the mantle of GUIDE. With support, understanding and unlimited forgiveness, you make the journey in better emotional and physical health. We embrace all of your uniqueness and candor. We have loved you for many generations and We glow with pride as We watch you learn and grow. Your position on the Stairway matters little. If you have the potential to learn, you have all of the original opportunities available to you.

There are many of you who wish to ask about the darkness and their place upon the stairway or their influence upon your Stairway. We will bring this information to you. We have vowed to bring all sides of every lesson to you for your review. We will not hide the truth from you. It is very easy to identify the dark from the Light. Remain in the Light and avoid harming anyone or behaving in a manner that is not “of God.” We will commune with you shortly. Take your time with this post. Read it a few times and always ALLOW God.

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