We Are Not Judged

When God beheld you as a babe, He did not consult the color of your skin or the voice of your current earth life. He only looked upon you as a soul ready for your next incarnation. He noted your potential for love, inspiration and hope. He noted your desire to be whole, cognitively impaired, physically impaired and in the minority or majority. He admired your blueprint for you selected to be challenged by the adversity of society. You asked to be a race which looks out upon the world with prejudice or the race which is looked upon with the same.

He vowed to support you through each challenge as you learned. He understood that you may be afflicted with animosity for others or benevolent for anyone in need. He also knows that you may alternate between the two over time and as you age. He never judged your need to be superior or inferior in your mind. He knew that either way you would learn.

He beheld you and looked ahead many years. He wished for tolerance and understanding. He longed for good health and prosperity. He had hope that you would find HIM and begin to look through HIS eyes. He bestowed upon you His traits and the capability to love the best in anyone and yet also forgive the worst. He whispered to you as that beautiful babe, “I long for you to see all others in the world as loved ones and family members. I wish for objectivity and empathy in your heart and soul to send love and healing to all others. A child is but a child. An adult is every adult. A grandparent is the one who walked before you and a grandchild walks behind you. Each human life deserves love, understanding and protection. Each of you is as valuable as the rest, no human life is ever diminished in my eyes.”

He then allowed you to enter this human life on Earth. He watched and He hoped and He sent many guides to help you along your journey. He knew that each of you has the ability to be God and do as God would do. That power is within any soul here. It must be nurtured, healed and set forth in times of bounty and in times of need. You have the chance to be altruistically benevolent. This is your goal. This is your mantle to carry. We ask that you be a Light Bearer for all others in the world. You are on this path and all of Heaven is here to help.

Place no conditions upon your ability to love, to heal, to understand and to forgive. You have had many lifetimes. Some have been mired in others’ hate for you. Some more have been in the upper echelons when you have been able to hate others. It is a journey of the soul. You learn quite well from both sides of this conflict. It is your task to find the Light in all of your thoughts and dreams. Also to find the Light in your view of the people and conditions of the world. You have been part of each encampment. You have learned many harsh lessons at the mercy of so many others. Remind yourself of this as you look into your mirror. You truly lived some lives where you were the object of your type of judgment and you will live those lives again. Learn that love knows no bounds and a babe is exactly that. A new start in order to try yet again.

Your soul deserves no judgement from you or anyone else. You are eternal and this journey leads to becoming your higher self and the privilege of returning home.


Human Rights

Unconditional Love


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