Defensiveness Does Not Resolve Prejudice

No amount of self-righteous shock or defensiveness will resolve your tendency to judge and condemn others. This is not the stance We wish to take. We wish for you to gently and systematically open your mind to consider that you may have negative feelings toward people of certain cultures and religious affiliations.

This is not new territory. We often see judgment from various stances and directions. You may be someone who is in the racial majority, practicing the most common religion, in a heterosexual marriage, college educated, steadily employed and still be the target of anger, hostility and judgment. No one is immune from the negative focus of others around them. It happens to everyone. This is reality. Please accept this as true.

Now consider yourself in your highly acceptable and preferable existence as you view other cultures. There is a certain amount of safe distance that you count upon. Hate affects other people, not you. You read the papers and watch the news but you still feel exempt from a lot of actual discrimination. You continue to be judged by others even in your own socioeconomic class. Others scrutinize you at work, in school, at your local coffee shop… But the level of animosity you collect is never close to what other cultures experience from people similar to you.

There is a lot of cultural angst in America. The current focus of condemnation is the cultures who have made threats and have acted to create terror. These are not the only people to be chastised or condemned. All minorities receive negative attention and overt/covert discrimination. Just because one culture seems to be at the forefront for fear, that certainly does not mean they are the only ones being judged. Many people have not diminished their list of cultures to be suspect of, they simply add more.

This is not God’s way. Each person deserves a chance to be accepted and respected. This does not hinge upon the color of their skin or their primary language. There are spiritually beautiful people of every ethnicity. It is true that there are troubled people from every culture as well.

What We would like for you to consider is that people who practice another religion, speak a different language, have darker or lighter skin color, are in traditional or non-traditional marriages, employed, in school or down on their luck, are just as worthy of respect as you and your neighbors. Simple.

It is within your power to be accepting of all the glory that God has brought to this Earth in human form . You are each here for a reason and deserve your chance to experience and learn. You and your culture are just as unfamiliar to beautiful people of other cultures. Your traditional western beliefs seem questionable to them. You looking out is the same vision as others looking back.

Set aside your need to be defiant. It is ok to have some areas to work on in your life. We don’t look back so much as We look at today and what you do to be more open and loving from here on out.

Empathy is your ability to place yourself in someone else’s life and circumstance. See their reality from their perspective and not yours. What you consider unusual in your western culture may also seem unusual to them. It is important to ALLOW others to exist in their own culture and still find their way from possible darkness to the Light. You have had your own challenges as well. You wish for others to forgive you for your mistakes and this is common for others to want this as well. Just because they are different from you in many ways does not make them bad or undeserving of God’s Love.

Forgiveness is good for you and others who have lost their way. Always give someone the potential to redeem themselves and regain their journey toward Heaven. Try your best not to judge someone for their ethnicity or religion alone. Many good people have beliefs that are unlike your own. This is ok. As cultures assimilate and there are more interracial relationships, those barriers will matter less. Your ability to look upon others as individuals will go a long way toward your ascension. View them as God would and be as forgiving and accepting as God Himself. They have the same potential to give you another chance as well since your culture and beliefs are also different from theirs. Godliness goes both ways.

Perspective is key to your higher self. Forgive and be forgiven. Love and be loved. Respect and be respected. Defensiveness is not God’s way. ALLOW people to worship and evolve toward God just as you are also on that path. It is not “us” and “them.” It is “us,” the world culture who came here to Earth to divine our path back to God. “Us” beside one another in pursuit of absolution. Jesus did not offer forgiveness for only one culture or religion. You each have the ability to approach Jesus at any time. He knows no judgement or prejudice. One goal of yours is to behave just as well when looking upon others in the world.

We are One. We are human. We have each been born into this world with a written path in which to succeed or to flounder. It matters not the color of your skin or the language of your ancestors. Every life has value. Find understanding for those who are lost. Find forgiveness for those who have acted in darkness. God forgives each of you as well and offers so much more room to correct your path and find comfort in faith.

Do not build a wall of indignation. Break down your walls of judgement instead. We are here to challenge your current thinking. We are here to guide. We wish to walk beside you as you navigate the Stairway to Heaven. We have tread the same paths that you are now on. We have challenged our own beliefs and opinions. It is honorable to open your mind up to the vast potential of living in God’s Light. It is good to look out upon the waters and offer love and encouragement to others seeking spiritual ascension. You are one and the same. Release the need to be apart from those who are seeking to become their higher selves just as you are. God will welcome all of you home. He does not see skin color or hear foreign languages. He only sees His children back from a long, hard journey.

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