We Shall Inherit The Gold

When We tell you that you will inherit all the gold you may have thought We were speaking about money and wealth. In fact, the Gold of which We speak is actually the Light of God. This seems to be a good time of year to answer some important questions about faith, belief and God. We wish only to assist you in finding your own TRUTH and having more spiritual-based information will help.

1. God does not answer all of your prayers because you have asked for things that are not intended to be present in your life or it is too soon to grant your wish. Being objective about what you pray for and you may figure this out for yourself.
Are your wishes over-the-top? Unrealistic? Not practical? Then they do not blend with the current fabric of your life. There are likely many more lessons to be learned. You will not zoom from A to Z without learning the steps in between. This is not realistic or beneficial for your time of learning here on Earth. If you wished for all of the blessings and wealth of Heaven you wouldn’t have come here instead. You came here for the entire process. The Gold you seek is at the point in which you accept and love God and bring him into your life.

2. Put your words into action. You may talk a benevolent and spiritual game but your true opinions and actions reveal a much dimmer reality. Many “enlightened” people continue to be prejudice, angry, controlling, manipulative and abuse substances. These are not the actions of God. You may keep the people around you in the dark about your true behavior but you cannot fool God.
What are your reactions to people of different races or ethnic origins? Do wish others well in this world but only if they are caucasian and middle class? Do you have fewer instances of acceptance if others are poor, minorities, practice a different faith, or live in other countries? Do you make broad statements about certain cultures? Do people find less forgiveness from you if they speak a different language?
This is not the way of God. Others are available for absolution just as you and your close loved ones are. Your judgement has no place in the Gold of God’s Love.

3. Honor not only your children but also the children of all cultures. Children are your future. It is not in your power to diminish the value or future possibilities for the children of the world. Just think about you and your peers negating 90% of the world’s children because of their ethnicity, faith and primary language. Why would such a world of “discounted” people be successful?
Liken it to your core family. Let us consider that you have 5 people in your “family.” Then according to your dismissal of part of the world population, We make 3 of those people ineffective, unhealthy and beneath deserving of respect. That seems pretty harsh. Which family members have you set aside and what does their life amount to now?
Rather than the entire population of earth acting and being successful in accordance with God, your “judgment” has doomed many people to be inconsequential or even a deterrent to success. If you devalue the children that are unlike your own, how is YOUR world a better place? God’s Will is to cherish and support all children for they are the future. What mistakes you make now may be corrected and the entire population may ascend together, as brothers.
Will you gather your Gold after having dismissed the value of most of the people around you?

4. Trauma is not damnation. Serious injury or abuse may happen in any life. It is not your path to give up and propagate darkness afterward. It is your responsibility to cope, assimilate your experiences and rise above them.
Far too many people “indulge” emotional and physical pain. “If it weren’t for ________ I would be successful and happy.” No! This is not God’s way. “Because of pain and misfortune I have overcome this darkness and thrive in God’s Light.”
Each life is marred by darkness. The only pristine life is on the Other Side. You have come into this incarnation to experience pain, misfortune and mistakes. There would be no need to live on earth if you were not meant to be challenged in many ways. Cancer, rape, murder… are not the end of you, ever. You are meant “to learn” and “to teach” by experiencing these and many other difficult things. Your composure and wisdom has more depth and meaning after having gone down these roadways. You will impart great consciousness on your close family and friends, as well as acquaintances and strangers, that need to hear your message. “Yes, this is a difficult time but I have found God in ______________.”
There is not one thing that is ever intended to turn you away from God. The Gold you seek is found in the trials of darkness that you ENDURE in God’s name.

5. Many people of great stature are such because of the faith they have embraced throughout their earth life. Through many difficult and stressful times they have found their strength and made their way back to emotional health. They did not surrender their strength and allow themselves to be completely overcome. Through difficult times they have found the lessons and embraced the contrast that opposition has brought to them. They may have not found the Light through the entire ordeal but that is not the point. The goal is to rise again and find God throughout it all.
This ascended human leader has acknowledged that life is a teacher and so are you once you have found yourselves standing again. Being ONE with God and spirit is not available for the few. This great honor is available to all of you.
Being knocked down in life is expected. To rise up again with greater strength is expected as well. Each of you has this potential. You must only find the way. Gather others of like mind and pursue great emotional and physical strength together. Many have suffered many difficult things and all of you have learned from them. By forming a support system together, you may share notes and rise above what you were not able to gather at the beginning. The complete picture may only come to you as you commune together in your faith in God.
Going on life’s journey alone is never better than gathering supportive and inspirational people to travel beside. The Gold of God’s love is never held beyond your reach. It never was bars or coins of gold. It has always been the loving shower of golden light that God bestows upon you as you seek Him and the knowledge that flows from Him.

There is no Gold of more value than God Himself. Each human life is worthy of this love. Live, pray, experience and teach the value of each human life. As your heart grows with acceptance and understanding, you become the spiritual leader that will guide many to the Golden Altar of God. This is your goal in life. “Be God, for God” and everything that you see will turn to gold.

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