The Intentional Movement of Energy

With this new year you must also continue to rid yourselves of habits that don’t necessarily bring you the best results in your quest for ascension. Remain open, honest and positive. Living a bountiful and upward moving life is essential to good physical and emotional health. You bring yourself down with some habits that need to be undone.

Allowing God and spirit into your life is essential. Be open and loving. Positive attracts positive and your life will blossom with a good attitude and the expectation of success.

We ask you to release your current energy and renew your body’s composition regularly. Allow the FLOW of good energy to circulate throughout your being at all times. Envision yourself in a shower of golden light. Release all of your current energy to be washed from your being. Then see yourself fill back up with the golden light from above.

To have good health and especially good chakra health, your energy must circulate. Continue this cleansing shower until all of your stagnant energy has been washed away and you shine like a golden sunrise. Envisions looking closely at yourself. You must flush your energy until your body is crystal clear and your colors of health and healing flow. Your being will be like looking into a fountain of clear, stunning, vivid colors.

To hold on to your current energy will be a mistake. Allowing your energy to flow and renew is important to your spiritual health. There must be a decrease of muddy or cloudy energy in your being. You all have many energy blocks and barriers. Some you may have built yourself and others evolved over time. Imagine any time that you felt wounded or vulnerable. You may have erected a barrier to “protect” yourself from that injury. More solid and intense blocks will have been composed to guard yourself against long-standing problems or severe instances of emotional pain. Childhood bullying may be intensely dark but buried deeply. A divorce will be large and impact all areas of life. Your father dying will be pervasive and dense. If you don’t progress through that grief it will darken and become more solid.

All of these unresolved energy conflicts will definitely affect your emotional and physical health. Perhaps the death of someone will impact your heart health since you may pack your grief in your chest area. Daily battles with traffic, work and home life stressors may impact your neck, shoulders and back. It may feel like all of this stress is weighing on your shoulders which would then impact your back. A lot of emotional stress impacts your stomach and intestines. Many people suffer from indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and/or irritable bowel because of stress housed in the abdomen. Some of you hold stress behind your eyes. You may suffer from headaches or vision problems as a result.

Is all of your stress worth damaging your health? No. Please begin a regimen of energy cleansing which will have a positive impact on how you look and feel. Let go of circumstances that are out of your control. Do your best planning then release your need to stress about something. Many people say you must learn to “give it to God.” This is true. You may not drop all of your responsibilities but you may plan for how you will cope with a great many things then release your need to further ruminate about them. Give it to God. Do what is humanly possible then let go. By releasing the majority of your stress, you will feel better very soon.

This is tried and true. Do your part and then give it to God. You may have to experiment a bit. Get used to releasing your concerns at the right time by testing the limits. After a while you will be fairly efficient at releasing your stress at a point at which God’s Will is assured. Don’t let go too soon and be caught in an awkward situation. Don’t let go too late and incur the effects of damaging stress. Do your share. You are the one who will manifest your destiny by being self-protective and proactive.

Make positive affirmations about being open, honest, loving and positive. Rely upon your knowledge to release your worry to God and hold only bright, vivid and peaceful energy in your being. Allow God’s energy to flow in and out. Stagnant energy will not protect you from harm like you may have intended when you built the wall. Energy blocks and barriers will only bring you down and impede your desire to fill yourself with God and spirit.

Look into two buckets of “water.” One is brown, foul-smelling and murky. The other is bright, impossibly clear and glints with movement. The difference between your body full of stagnant energy or full of love, hope and God, is really that simple. Nothing healthy will grow or exist in the mud.

Allow your energy to flow and be cleansed. Envision all of your good health and prosperity flowing from the bounty of God’s energy within your being. View yourself in a mirror and be stunned by the brightness of your reflection. See the energy circulate and renew itself from the shower of God’s golden light. Hold your hands out before you and envision the movement of essential light. This is good. This is positive. This will assist you to find and maintain the journey along your path.

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