Playing the Shell Game

Spirit is sending you a strong message! Stop playing the shell game.

You have it right. It is all figured out and then… you mistrust your intuition and make changes to the perfect plan. This coincides with our last post very well. Do your best to accept that God has brought you EXACTLY what you asked for.

It brings to mind that you may need some steps to follow. We wish only to assist you in improving your lives, so bringing you some answers is always a good idea.

1. Be clear about what you want. Write it down and be as specific as you want without being too complicated. Do not place so many restrictions on what you want that spirit has no possible way to bring it to you.

2. Recognize it when it gets here. It may help to review your request daily. Read what you have written and decide if it was presented to you. Spirit may be very creative about delivery so keep an open mind.

3. Relax. Don’t think and rethink. If you really don’t want what you asked for then maybe you need to be more specific.

4. Be realistic. Ask for possibilities within your means. If you ask for things above your income or resources, it will only lead to more stress and pressure in your life.

5. Accept it. Lay down all of your insecurities and grasp your desires. If you really cannot afford something then please don’t ask for it. You will still be holding the mortgage, insurance cost, payment book, rental agreement…

6. If you get to this point and there are truly no inconsistencies or unrealized cost, give thanks.

People truly do ask for things that are well beyond their potential. Why ask for a beach home when you can’t afford the rent where you are now? Why get a Jaguar if you can’t make the payments or afford the insurance? This seems to be a default program closely related to your self sabotaging behavior in the rest of your life. Many people set themselves up for failure by wanting too much. Then, the truly questionable act is that, they won’t undo this unrealistic committment and insist upon going down with the ship!

Someone may have two mortgages on their home but drive a new Cadillac. This is not the behavior “of God.” Material possessions are not worth your sense of security and contentment. And, if you still feel content and secure by risking your home to drive a car outside of your means, you have not learned through “God’s Will.” You obviously are learning from your own ego self.

Moderation is one of the most important lesson that God wants you to know. Moderation in all areas. Fulfilling ego needs in not on God’s list of positive characteristics. This behavior is highly disruptive. More time must be spent in introspection in order to understand this need for material possessions over a more moderate lifestyle. What emptiness are you trying to hide? Do you feel unworthy in other areas of life so you overcompensate in other ways? What are the injuries you have suffered to your self-confidence?

To heal your fractured psyche, answers must be found. Heal yourself first, then heal the area around you. Then, move the healing out further into your world and begin to live responsibly and with a strong faith. Trying to run ahead of your problems does not heal any of them.

Heal yourself and stand on your own. Live a life free of excess. If you have extra, find a way to give more to others. In your confidence, you will build a physical representation of your life. This includes all of your injuries and the earnest attempt to heal them. All of your injuries are included in your current “self.” You are your current self because of the journeys you have taken. Gather all of this together AND STILL BE SAFE AND CONTENT.

Your being is far more beautiful AFTER the imperfections of your journey are showing. You earned the ground upon which you currently stand. No problem lessens your value unless you allow it to.

Ask for what you want and need. Be specific without being tedious. Recognize when your wish presents itself to you and give thanks. Resist the urge to devalue yourself or the gift. Spend more time being content and allowing God to care deeply for you. Once you are able to stop interfering with your own success, you will find that life seems charmed. Your needs are quickly met and obstacles don’t exist.

Your perspective has everything to do with your perception of being whole, healed and valuable. All of life’s events are teachers. Be reasonable and accept each lesson as a part of your evolution. Ask AND receive. This is as God would have it. You are not here to suffer. You are here to meet each challenge and soar anyway.

Stand up to life with honesty and moderation. This approach is healthy and preferred. Stop playing any game which interferes with your spiritual ascension.

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