Tis The Season!

Much of what you fear is actually manifested by your imagination.

Great news floods in and you struggle to make it less positive or blissful. Being treated well and having your needs taken care of may seem unfamiliar to some of you. So, you respond by making great blessings seem suspect.

Your first response is to be so overwhelmed at your good fortune then you allow your doubts to creep in. What would life be like if you allowed good fortune to be good? Is there any hope of you allowing your life to improve and meet up to your expectations? Yes, if you step back and resist the urge to meddle with grace and beauty. Simply say, “Thank you!”

Leave out the self-disparaging remarks about usually having bad luck, or not deserving this, or there probably is a catch… Just STOP! Don’t bring in the darkness when God has given you exactly what you asked for.

Many people attempt to speak directly with spirit. Often you have faith that the voice in your head is God, your spirit guide, an angel, your departed grandmother… Often the voice is either your own self-talk or your ego voice. Either of these two voices is wholly unreliable and prone to cause you fear and mistrust. You do have the ability to stop both voices but you must first be aware of their origin and secondly, realize that they are not truthful.

The voice of spirit does not cause fear. The voice of God does not cause concern. The direction of Angels does not set you up for failure. Your internal voices are those that create havoc with your sense of security.

How could you filter out the voices that are ego and irrational fear? Surround yourself in White Light and pray to God that you will only speak to beings who come from God and act only in your best interest. You will definitely need to stop the mind loop of self-talk before you get to this point. Meditation will help. Finding that quiet place when your thoughts are not persistent and disruptive. Allow no “thinking” to happen. Relax and just be still. Get better at this and increase the amount of time that you able to meditate without your own mind loop disruption.

The voice of God, spirit and other Heavenly Hosts sound, feel and originate from a different place. It is clearly not your self-talk but you must become more adept at discerning between the two.

It may help to first analyze where and when your self-talk arrives. In what part of your mind do you hear it? How does it sound? Is it your own voice? This may help but ego and fear have a way of upping the ante on you. It may begin to sound like a wise and auspicious voice, your grandmother, your favorite teacher… How do you navigate this? It is not easy and it takes diligence. As soon as you let down your guard, your ego voice will pipe back up.

It may work better if you establish a routine leading up to spirit communication. Light a candle, pray for protection, surround yourself in a white egg, cleanse your chakras especially your ear and third eye, ask for angels to protect your communication, set animal totems to ward off any stray voices… Whatever works best for you. Then after communicating, do more cleansing and protective measures.

Remember how the message felt when you received it. Was it comforting and felt fatherly? Did it set some concerns to rest? Did it feel completely TRUE and resonate with you on a soul level? This is spirit. If it felt unsettled and caused fear and concerns, it was not.

What often happens is we hear it in true form and feel content and secure. Then our own fears change the tone and texture of what was said. Resist this tendency if at all possible.

Your self-talk, ego voice wants to be disruptive and fearsome. The perfect job may have presented itself but ego convinces you that it is a bad idea. Things will go horribly wrong and nobody will like you. There will be one difficulty after another. Why does ego do this? Because your own ego wants you to be insecure, unsettled and unsuccessful. Ego loves disharmony and conflict. Ego does not like when you are safe, secure and content. Your own ego is like your worst friend, ever.

It is often ego that cultivates difficult relationships with people around you. You will not settle any disputes or quell unrest if ego is involved. That perfect new home or that better used car may drift by since ego wants you to be unhappy and insecure.

It sounded wonderful to begin with… then either it was too good to be true or ego intervened. How do you know the difference? By finding faith. Consult your God Center just behind your solar plexus. Find that feeling of truth in that hollowed place. The insecurity may swirl in your head but faith rests in your God Center.

There are many ways to connect with your soul voice in your God Center. Many people find it helpful to place their hand over their solar plexus and judge whether they feel light and bouncy for positive or dull and downward for negative.

Another way to find your truth is to connect with your spirit guide. Use any number of exercises on the internet or visit a psychic medium. Find the color, voice and presence of your guide and return to those familiar standards every time you wish to speak to them. Many psychics may give you a name or the first letter of their name. Any information identifying your guide will assist in facilitating your communication with them. Even the color with which they adorn themselves will help. Envision this color or use an item of the same color each time you seek communication with them. The stronger your connection, the more accurate the information you receive will be.

This is a time of great blessings and faith. Try not to allow your own fear or ego to interfere with the gifts that God has to bring to you. This is the best time to find and strengthen your faith. Sit before a representation of Jesus or God and be at peace. Speak of finding your purpose in life and doing God’s Will. Find the stillness that accompanies great faith. Know that even if you are unable to discern God’s true voice from your own inner dialog that your faith is still strong and is enough to carry you through each day. Also ask for the voice that you hear be truthful and protected by God.

It is ok to ask for God’s help to increase your faith. You are not alone when you seek your higher power. Ask for wisdom. Ask for answers to your many questions. Also ask for the ability to know when it is God or one of His messengers who are speaking to you.

Find the truth of this season. We, as humans, have received the greatest gift possible. Our Savior was brought to us in human form and He set forward our own ability to find absolution. We have not gone one day without being touched by the Truth of God and Christ. Allow ourselves to know this, without hesitation. THE GIFT may go unknown if we do not find our own faith with which to live our lives “as God, for God.”

Blessed be the Father. Blessed be the Son. Find peace in the celebration of His life.

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