Shock Waves

Many of you are experiencing some shock waves over the realization that negative thoughts and feelings actually cause a physical manifestation. There have been multiple comments about thoughts becoming real. This is exactly true. People are able to influence one’s health and wellbeing by shooting thoughts and feelings at them. We are able to sense this discord in our bodies and personal environment.

An example may be the black sheep of the family. Why are they referred to as the color black? Two reasons. One is the expectation of parents, siblings and other close loved ones. You expect the person to be in trouble, arrested, in an auto accident, accused of wrongdoing… Each thought like this coats another layer of negative, black feelings on this person. Someone damaged the car…of course it was the black sheep. Even if this wasn’t true, the expectation is always there. Layer upon layer is set. Parents expect to be angry or frustrated with this one person. Siblings may lay blame upon this person also because no one would question whether it is true or not. The second reason is very similar. It is the Law of Attraction. Not only will family groups identify this black sheep but the Universe will also work against them just because it is expected.

Anger, frustration, blame, hate… create layers of black energy.

They may be fired from jobs, flunk out of colleges or trade schools, be accident prone and fall into drugs and alcohol to meet the expectations of others. This may also be the middle child. “Oh, of course he/she didn’t do well, they are the middle child.” People are accustomed to the conflicts of life being stacked against them that they tend to play the role. The layers of dark and disgusting goo that has been piled upon them determines how life will respond to them.

This is only one example. There are many different scenarios that may be considered. People who are unwell also are plagued by negative expectations. “He has been sickly since birth.” “She hasn’t been the same since her bout with cancer.” “He has Parkinson’s so it is all downhill from here.” Loved ones are predisposed to feeling sympathy for these souls. “Isn’t it so sad,” “they have a longstanding history with bad luck” and “they were expected to die young because of their poor health.”

This is shocking to many of you. All of you may remember a time when you had made these statements about others. Now that you have been alerted to this common practice it may be good to be watchful of the statements that you make. Refuse to follow the expectations of family, friends and peer groups. No one deserves to be layered in darkness because of everyone else’s negative emotions and expectations.

Send Light to loved ones. Offer your forgiveness and renewed hope for their future. Ask God to unwrap every layer of sticky, black goo. Resist the urge to label them. Allow everyone to have the ownership to their own destiny. Yes, a loved one may have had some hard times but this doesn’t have to be the expectation for their entire life.

Negative thoughts and feelings do become real. They pierce someone’s skin and stay unless someone knows to cleanse it away. Another realization is that others shoot negative spurs at your back. This makes perfect sense since people rarely make disparaging statements to your face. They wait for your back to be turned and then they sling away. When you are cleansing your body and aura, remember to thoroughly cleanse your back including the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. There may be years of build up since this may be the first time you have considered this.

If you are the black sheep, the middle child, the crazy or sickly one… break this cycle. Refuse to buy into a negative cycle which is not productive or even true. Shrug off the many layers of negative expectations and give yourself a new start every day. It is very important to perform any cleansing exercises and raise protective shields daily so that you may repel anyone’s effort to cast you into a role which you no longer wish to play. Regain your personal power and move along your Divine path. You may have had a duty to teach your parents, siblings or other loved ones through negative behavior but you may choose to end this dynamic now. The time has passed when you were required to bear the brunt of the blame for the family’s dysfunction. Choose a higher path and if your loved ones refuse to allow you to be better and do better, it might be time to create some distance between you.

If you are a part of the dynamic which has chosen to identify and rely upon scape goats, it is time for you to change as well. Send love, only love.

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