The Holiday Wreath

Many of life’s emotionally healthy symbols involve a circle. A circle of friends, prayer circle, an end of a life cycle coming full circle, round dances in many different cultures, dancing around the May pole and many popular images of holding hands around a Christmas Tree or cross.

We form protective circles around loved ones who have won a race, scored the winning shot, have fallen down or need a group hug. Circles make us feel safe and protected. Good feelings and emotions are generated by all of those who have formed the circle. It is a good representation of support and love.

We speak of a wreath. This is all of those pleasing and supportive emotions all together at this holiday time. Wreaths don’t tout one religion above another. They are festive and bright but may grace your door in representation of many different holidays and at other times of the year.

We would like to build your wreath out of strong and protective loved ones. Please include God, angels, saints, ascended masters and spirit guides and form your wreath with you at the center. Envision your wreath to be a color of your choosing. Include copious amounts of love, Light and faith. It most resembles a layer of bubble wrap around you. Safely protected and nurtured deep inside. Make sure to include this wonderful protective barrier over your head and under your feet. Leave no surface uncovered.

Just the vision of this cocoon is enough to bring comfort to you. This barrier seems to block any outside negative energy and allows you to refill your energy centers with who you actually are not what energies have impacted you recently.

Think of negative energy as gooey, black, foul-smelling gobs. You are, at your center, on a trip of self-discovery and learning. In pure form, you glow in colors which represent your thoughts, feelings and areas of interest. The absence of these gobs is your goal. Your journey will be carried out with only your Light and the Light of God and spirit. No gobs!

This is a daily battle. This circle of protective light in a cocoon around you will block much of the negative energy from both hitting you and adhering to you. Both functions are needed. Even if you meditate daily and cleanse your chakras and overall energy, other energy from outside forces will still be directed to you. Negativity results from the environment and other people’s thoughts or feelings directed toward you and others.

You remember walking into a room which was wrought with tension. You instinctively knew that someone was angry with someone else or there was a disagreement. Many people would say that “you could cut the tension with a knife.” This is the type of energy that We wish you to clear from your personal energy field. We also realize that you may be struck with someone’s ill feelings directed at you. This energy is more focused and hurtful. It is not environmental but more of an assault.

People may be known to send negative feelings at you and it sticks. There is a saying about a “knife in your back” and this is fairly accurate. Anyone may feel angry, abusive, challenging, jealous or admonishing toward you. This is exactly what energy you must clear away.

Envision a cleansing shower of Divine water. Allow it to cleanse your body but also your internal energy and tissues as well. Remain in this cleansing shower until you are certain that you have cleared away anything hurtful or damaging. Then cocoon yourself in your holiday wreath. Make it as thick as you like. Include all of the season’s energy about the Birth of Christ. What greater celebration than Christ being born unto us as our Savior and human guide.

Make this a daily habit to ensure that no unwanted energy or emotion is allowed to derail you from the job of becoming your Higher Self. Any protective barrier will work. We suggested a wreath because it is fairly common this time of year!

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