Lost Letters

We have sent you many love letters over these many years. We have never gone for any amount of time without being in contact with you. We have touched upon your heart our undying love and we have been always in connection with you in all times of need.

There have been times that you have felt alone and without the comfort of love. This is not accurate. We have never left your side. You have called out for help and we have answered in earnest every time. If you were able to hear our words, you would know that we are always near and giving you the reassurance and praise that you deserve.

Count up all of your loved ones in life. Then multiply that number by 1,000. That is the amount of loving souls that you have in your corner. We have been here through all of the good and not-so-good times. We do not require that you be continually happy and positive. We are NOT fair weather friends.

We offer love and support through out each of your days. It does not matter to us that you may not hear us just yet. We certainly hope for communication with you but this is something we will work to develop over time.

In life, you do not always speak the language of your mother or father. After some growth and continued interaction, you begin to understand each other more. This is how we are with you. You are beginning to speak with us and learning to trust. Over time, you will count upon our input and unending support. You will speak out loud and trust that we are near and we will answer in many ways to encourage your continued interaction with us.

We are the best of friends. We shadow each thought, action and prayer. It is good to have you know we are here and allow us to help you when we can.

Here is a list of actions that will promote our ability to communicate with you. We are eager to be your closest friend and confidante.

1. Meditate daily. Ask God to bring you visions and verbalizations from us, your spirit guides.

2. Find the stillness more often. Spend less time being upset or irritated. Find the calm of emotional stability and listen to reason at all times.

3. Seek the guidance of Our Father, God. Pray, meditate and rely upon His grace throughout each day.

4. Ask for help often. Do not fear being needy or attention seeking. We wish to help you with all matters at all times and will never want you to be silent. By seeking us often, you will solidify our relationship with each other.

5. Grant the presence of angels, archangels, saints and seers to be a part of your life. God has many helpers and you will experience Divine success by utilizing them more often. Their presence is comforting and peaceful.

6. Make decisions which tilt toward spiritual success more often. Spend less time focusing upon wealth and material possessions. At first, change one decision per day then increase the frequency over time. Work “as God, for God.”

7. Instill a strong foundation of faith for which to build your future success upon. Making decisions and performing actions in concert with God will increase your spirituality immensely. The road to ascension will become more clear.

8. Never hide your faith in God. Seek others of like mind and commune over the great auspices of God. You are not alone and finding comfort in group prayer increases the potency of your wishes.

9. Be reasonable and rational always. Avoid the extremes of any emotions in order to promote your faith and ability to spread love and emotional stability.

10. “Always look to Me when you need comfort, care and support. It is My honor to be your guide. Together We will be welcomed to the Promised Land. For We connect and support each other in this life and many others. Amen.”

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