All Aboard!

We have an intense need to get moving! The train to enlightenment is pulling out of the station, we must climb aboard.

You have spent far too much time dragging your heels to avoid your enlightenment. You fear being foolish, wishful or delusional. You have tendencies which draw you to God and spirit but you often question how much is true and what to avoid. Despite your embrace of the information we bring to you here, you still wonder at your sanity.

This is not faith. It is true to follow your intuition and accept God entirely. Remember how you felt when you first heard our words. You had an awakening with us and felt our truth deeply. then, as time passed, you allowed yourself to forget that wonderful “all-knowing” feeling and allowed doubt to crowd in.

The doubt is not real, your all-knowing faith is. Why do you question your true beliefs? Because of ego and likely your upbringing. You were raised in a certain faith and followed along with what was expected. If you clashed with your family’s faith it may have been an acting out of independence, not so much that you truly believed something different. Then, as you matured, you may have begun to believe other thoughts and perceptions of the Divine and spirit. Why does ego bring you back to uncertainty? Because it wants you to feel unsure and out of step. If you find true strength in God and spirit you will likely stop listening to ego and find the serenity of faith. Ego does not want to lose its control over you.

Now, you have found some reassuring words from us which has drawn you out of your comfort zone and closer to the edge of your seat. Your tendency is to back up and feel the comfort of uniformity and the familiar. This is how many of you release your quest for God’s truth. It feels foreign and uncomfortable, so you back away until you feel “the same as always.”

This is habit, ego and the need for conformity. The darker energy will make more space between you and the Light if you allow it. Why is there darker energy? Because this is Earth. It is the heaviness of conflict and contrast that makes this world your school room. The struggle of enlightenment is the active resistance of darker Earth energy.

The world will continue to wash over you and keep you the “same” unless you find the higher vibrations and words that promote your exposure to love, forgiveness and God.

Spirit is God. We are all God. To believe in spirit guides and the presence of the souls of our departed loved ones is also God. We are each eternal. The energy that makes you and us is eternal. We venture into life on Earth occasionally then we return home. Energy never dies, it only changes form. YOU exist here and on the Other Side in any form you wish. That is NOT your focus. Your focus is becoming enlightened and growing closer to God. Your existence is already KNOWN, so through enlightenment you no longer question the cycle of incarnation. “Of course I exist in spirit or human form, so then there are greater things for me to learn.”

It is that simple. Refuse to question the presence of God and spirit. There are many more valuable things left to be learned. Push back against the urge to feel conformity again. It is the breakthrough of your soul which makes the greatest advance in your enlightenment.

You spend far too much time denying that spirit lives with you and speaks to you always. This is the system that God divined to give you the most guidance during each Earth life. Accept this as true. No longer spend your valuable time denying that we exist and speak to you about your soul and higher existence. No one else has to believe this accept you. Do you fear being called out as a kook? No worries. You may make this journey about you and us for now.

Be intent to grasp your Divine Light and carry it forward to the Kingdom of God. It is familiar to you. It is your home, just as it is our home as well. There is no fear in your soul about whether you are at home in God’s Kingdom. This is KNOWN, so there are many more things for you to learn. Remember the feeling of our words as they touched the seeker in you. It felt Divinely true and a part of your fabric. It was the doubt that crowded in later that is false.

Keep close to us. We speak the words of truth and inspiration. Do not question our existence the same as you don’t question your own. We are here and we are a part of your life. It is our committment to guide you and to offer our assistance to you at any time. We are very close, you and us. Our energy together is family, in the deepest sense. We exist as your guides. This is KNOWN. You have so much more to learn than this.

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