Bread Crumbs

You have all been making a true effort to be more open and connect with God and spirit. We are trying our best to meet you part way. Has it seemed that some things are coming true for you lately? You may have asked for something or said a prayer for a particular blessing and then you have received it? We are using these “coincidences” to keep bringing you the miracle of God, just like bread crumbs to bring you back home on a long journey.

Ask and receive, please. Test us. We will bring you many things that will verify we are listening and you are receiving our gifts. You won’t win millions of dollars from the lottery but you may receive some other pleasant surprises instead.

This is a time of great gathering of Divine energy. We are nearing the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is truly a grand time on the Other Side. We celebrate for many days on end. We also share our good feelings and desire to spread good cheer to you on Earth.

This is the easiest time to shift your thinking from negative or unproductive to positive and hopeful. We will assist you and allow you to tap into the general swell of Divine Light. This will cut your actual energy spent in half.

We ask you to envision a vortex of golden light. This will resemble a small, human sized tornado which is twirling clockwise. Watch it spin and sparkle. Envision it growing in brightness and clarity. Feel the awe of being close and comforted by God. Now, step into the vortex and release your blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. Ask for positive thinking and rapid healing then ALLOW it to happen.

You may stay in there for as long as you wish. Absorb as much Divine Light as possible. Pray for a giant boost in positive energy which you intend to use to make your life better and shower blessings on those you love. Step back outside of it. Resist your habit of reclaiming your unproductive thinking and behavior. Allow yourself to be “in bliss.”

Now you may envision any of your family or friends and insert them into the vortex. Pray for their healing and intense wellbeing. Pray for them to release their blocks, barriers and unproductive habits. This is different from when you stood in the vortex because they have their own free will. It is up to them if they receive this blessing or not. Ask for them to be flushed and refilled with Divine Light. Allow them to step outside of the vortex. Surround and infuse them with White Light and continue on their way.

Use this vortex for pets, homes, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes… any number of places or events that you wish to boost their presence with Divine Light.

Now is the optimal time to redirect your thought patterns. Use only positive and loving comments for your inner dialog. “I am healthy and happy.” “I have everything I want and need.” “I send my love to all others.” “I am healed and so are my loved ones.” Every time you start with the unproductive comments, shift your thinking back to positive and loving.

Use statements which will improve your Divine energy. “God is with me always.” “I am blessed by angels.” “I am protected by God, angels and spirit.” “I glow with Divine and golden light.”

Your thought patterns have so much to do with your perspective on life. Everything is “of God” if you look at it as experience and a teaching tool. Positive events flow to you quickly and effortlessly. You will truly feel charmed. Remember to keep your thoughts and actions positive each day. As with any habit, you must make this effort until your positive thought patterns become your habit. It is unbelievable how many blessings will be drawn to you just because you EXPECT love, hope and prosperity.

Use the golden vortex as often as you wish. Keep your thoughts positive and release your need to gather your blocks, barriers and unproductive thinking. By thinking and feeling positive, life will fulfill your expectations of good health and prosperity. This is the Law of Attraction. Your Divine hosts are eager to assist you in this time of great celebration. Use the boost of Divine energy to your advantage and take a few giant leaps toward your self-actualization. This is a wondrous time of great healing and love. Celebrate the birth of Christ and use God’s loving energy to bring you back to your true self. Closer to your chart and in line to do great things for yourself, your loved ones and your community. Your global community as well.

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