You are placing far too much pressure on getting your higher guide’s name and color. To simplify everything, please use bright, white light. And for even more simplicity, call them guide, master, enlightened one, friend… Anything that sounds like someone dear to you and a trusted teacher. Respect is the only requirement for how you address them.

Now, to encourage more relaxation and better attempts to connect to them use a funny movie, a great joke, a photo that always makes you smile… Something to cut the tension in your mind, third eye and heart. You will not be able to find any loving guide or departed loved one if you are tied into knots of tension and frustration.

Remember to use any number of protective exercises so that all spirit communication is “of God.” Some examples are the white net, white egg, outward facing mirrors and animal guides stationed as protectors. If you are new to this site please research protective exercises to use against energy vampires or psychic attachments. Find one or two which resonate with you and perform them every day.

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