New Interest: Your Higher Guide

Yes, each of you has a higher guide which is positioned directly above your head or crown chakra. You may sit in front of a mirror and attempt to envision this guide and develop a stronger connection to them. They each have a primary color which they adorn themselves in which also represents an area of intense focus that you have in life.

You may research the chakra colors and see which one resonates with your area of interest. This may be the color of your higher guide. It may not be, especially if you are lost and unfocused right now and your intense area of interest is something of your own choosing and not of God’s Will.

You may see a color while focusing in a mirror above your head while sitting or standing. To see this color you may have to focus on the edge of your body and unfocus your vision. Look closely at the edge of your head and see a fine line of color between you and the environment around you. This is your aura. If it is between your crown chakra and the area directly above your head, it is likely the color of your higher guide.

You may research seeing your aura. I may not have been clear enough on how to pick up the color at your crown and articles about seeing your aura may be worded better.

If you get a strong sense of color while focusing on your higher guide, use the color to facilitate your future communication with them. It may be gold. In the future, use items colored gold to focus upon and meditate. Pray for a connection to this higher guide and ask that you remember their guidance even after you awaken. Keep paper and pencil nearby so you may capture their messages as soon as you wake so you won’t be confused or mistaken at a later time.

Messages from spirit feel differently from other communication. It is very vivid and when you are immersed in it the message makes perfect sense. Once you end your connection with God, spirit or any guide, you will quickly forget the message because it is so different. It is like grasping at information that no longer feels solid or makes perfect sense anymore.

This is the same information gathered from psychic readings. You may reapproach a psychic and ask them to recall the information given in a reading and they are not able to. It is because they are the messenger. The information came from a higher source and not from the mind of the psychic.

Names are also perceptible if you really try to have a good focus. You may pray for the name of your higher guide to be made known to you. Then be open to the many avenues in which spirit may respond. You may hear the name “Andrew” several times during the day. You may meet someone named Andrew, see a vanity licence plate with the name Andrew or even hear others speaking about their friend Andrew where you are able to hear them. It may be that your higher guide is named Andrew!

Sometimes their name is antiquated. They existed many eons ago and their names were common at the time but not common now. The good news is that they love you so deeply that whatever you perceive their name to be they will lovingly allow you to refer to them as such. Your guess may be similar but not exact and they will still communicate with you.

Be persistent and look into the mirror often and focus above your head. Speak to them as you would a beloved family member. Give the updates in your life, seek support and direction. You may also ask for signs that they are with you and have heard your prayers. It truly is a loving relationship. Allow them to help you in any way that resonates with you. They do wish to follow your life chart but they are with you even if you have decided to follow your own free will.

Please know that your higher guide is likely an Ascended Master. They have advanced beyond the level of spirit guide and are held at a higher position. They are able to reside at a higher level in Heaven but they have chosen to guide you for your lifetime.

Spirit guides may change throughout your years but your higher guide is likely never far away. They may also take a break for celebrations or important events on the Other Side but they have other guides fill in for them while they are away. You are never alone and you are ALWAYS surrounded with love.

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