My Higher Guide

My Higher Guide is Audra. She is positioned at my apex which is directly above my crown chakra. She is adorned in pure gold. She has given me 10 steps to follow to increase my spirituality. I believe that they will work well for everyone so I am going to share with you.


1. Commune with God at all times.

(Best done through prayer and meditation. Trade your often negative inner dialog for one giving thanks and appreciation. Respond to each event with the will of God in the forefront.)

2. Seek a higher authority when you search for meaning in everyday events.

(Do not give in to gossip or feeling harshly against anyone or any situation. Try to view everything as God would view it. Be positive and uplifting. Allow each person to make mistakes and still be loving to them. Forgive as any Angel, saint or God Himself would forgive.)

3. Trust that voice you hear when you are directed in which way to go.

(Work to connect with spirit. Do not listen to your ego voice which will lead you to judgment and resentment instead of love.)

4. Love multiplies the grace you receive from God.

5. Position yourself always in the positive response to all events.

6. Giving to others multiplies the amount of grace you receive from God.

7. Treating others as inferior to you will block your upward ascension.

8. Make amends for your hurtful mistakes or unpleasant attitude.

9. Hurry along to repair any missteps you may have taken.

10. ALWAYS “Say Grace” for each day and every moment, not just at mealtimes.

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