Your After Life Review

Yes, you do stand before God and make amends for your behavior in life. You are always granted forgiveness but He will still insist upon your recovery from all matters you have experienced with the intent to recover and follow the Path to Enlightenment.

You may have experienced some horrible things like rape, murder of a loved one, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, poverty, substance abuse… It is still in God’s expectations for you to recover and seek becoming your Higher Self. The tough lessons are your greatest teachers and you will be in an optimal position to help others in this world with the same or similar experiences.

Your chart is written with the expectation that you will “suffer” for some amount time then learn to assimilate this experience into your identity and then turn to God. Once you have found God in your “suffering” you will then learn to forgive, then overcome. Over the years you will be more accustomed to facing your troubled times without suffering or holding any vengeance. Your approach will always be from love and you will be much closer to your Higher Self. Each day will bring joy and celebration whether you have cancer, MS, been abused or neglected, paralyzed from an accident, your car breaks down… Each moment will be a celebration of this life “for God.”

It is written. This is your experience in time to give God your complete faith. Why would your gift to God be anger, aggression, hate, vengeance, sorrow, suffering, hurting others, being deceitful, abusing alcohol and substances…? Does your Savior really want you to wallow in your self-pity? No!

This concept is a difficult one for many of you. How can you be loving and still be abused or seriously ill? It is about perspective. This is your Earth “school.” Lessons are planned and arranged per your expectations. You intended to learn, grow and mature over time in order to give God the love and appreciation He deserves. No one sat in on your chart development and stated that you should suffer from _____________ for years, be vengeful for _______________ for more years, be hateful for_________________ your whole life… This never happens in Heaven. No one has input into your life for you to be less than loving and spiritual.

Does this make you feel unsupported? Like Heaven doesn’t understand your suffering? How are you just supposed to get over_________? This is very far from the truth. Your guides and loved ones have very likely been human as well. They remember and understand the hardships of this environment and how insurmountable some experiences may have felt. You are completely supported and understood. No one judges you. There is always compassion and forgiveness. They will stand beside you during all of your experiences.

You may take a lifetime to overcome many hurtful events but then turn to God later in life. The point is that you have eventually come home to God and that is wonderful. Our purpose here is to try to get you to that pivotal point in your life now or at least much sooner. Why wait a lifetime to find love, faith and forgiveness? Is facing death your motivation? Are you, at some point, fearful that your soul will not go to Heaven as planned? There is no need for so much worry. If you do not intentionally hurt anyone or anything, you are behaving in accordance with God.

This is a broad spectrum. Alcohol and drugs are hurting you. Being abused and neglected is hurting you. Lying, cheating and stealing is hurting you and those you victimize. There is an endless amount of examples. Please be aware that if you do not outwardly impact others, your negative or dysfunctional behavior may still be hurtful to you and your eternal spirit. This makes you feel like this is an important point. Are you behaving “as God?” If not, you may be harming your own soul.

This sounds serious, and it is. But it is not permanent. You may change your attitude, faith and behavior at any time. This is your eternal gift from God. You may seek absolution at any time but YOU accept the responsibility to make the changes necessary to be in alignment with God.

You may be in your hour of need and seek God out of fear. This is good. Our hope is that you seek God at all times. If you sense the calm and supportive presence of God while you are functioning out of fear, you may be more prone to seek God when your life returns to normal. That sense of security and complete feeling of love may bring a personal review of how you live your life. We are here for you at all times. You are truly never alone.

Do you come before God at the end of your life? Yes. Is there a review of your behavior, choices and experiences? Yes. Your Higher Guide or another Ascended Master will stand beside you as your life review occurs. You will sense all of the lessons that you were given and how you responded. This is NOT for the purpose of punishing you. This is for your benefit. Your expectations of learning were reviewed and you gave feedback and were provided with feedback. This happens out of love.

Another point We want you to remember is that negative habits also continue after death. You may still drink alcohol, abuse drugs, be spiteful and mean, over eat… You must release these habits in order to fully seek your self-actualization. Behaving in a harmful way after death will deter your ascension, just as in life. Your life review may impact you very little if you choose to keep indulging in dysfunction. This is still your choice. Being on the Other Side does not automatically resolve any concerns about your habits and demeanor.

Are you still in Heaven? Yes. But you are at a lower level than people who have released any need for negative behavior. The more you find faith and raise your vibration, the closer you get to God.

Mother Teresa resides at a higher level than Hitler. They are both in Heaven but they do not share the same space. As shocking as it sounds that Hitler is in Heaven you must realize that he was a great teacher to many people. He did not teach out of benevolence and love, but he taught many hard lessons. We have often stated that you learn both from positive and negative experiences. This is a great analogy for this point.

Do not seek God out of fear. Find the comfort and security of Divine Faith now. Seek those higher levels of learning and conduct your life from a position of LOVE. Follow the script of life. God gives you every opportunity to make your life spiritually successful. Those doors to higher learning are never closed and it does not matter what the motivation is which pushes you to try.

Come home. Come home to the House of God while you are still in this physical life. Your soul will advance quickly and your fears of any mishap will disappear. All of your actions will flow from love and you will reside in that auspicious place after you have left this Earth life. Embrace your absolution. Take any opportunity that God gives you to seek His Grace. You may always come home. No one is there to judge you, not even God.

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