Love Doesn’t Make You Weak

Our post from yesterday has received some strong emotional responses. Most people feel that spirit intends for you to be weak and overly pliable. We wish you to keep your concerns to yourself and allow you and your loved ones to be vulnerable and at risk.

Love does not make you weak. If anything, being infused with God’s Love makes you stronger than you ever thought possible. We do not seek your willingness to be abused or taken advantage of. We seek your understanding that your chart is written and you will gain untold strength and grace by meeting your challenges when you are full of love. You may walk every step of this Earth life infused with God’s grace and intention. You asked to be met with your mother’s illness and subsequent need for care. If you believe that she needs to be treated in a better facility then by all means, get her transferred. But still look at all facets of her situation with love. Yes, even the substandard facility.

Be proactive and ensure your loved ones are taken care of but never approach these difficult situations from a stance of ego. Why not love all others despite what you perceive as being ill prepared to provide your mother with acceptable care? They absolutely need your love as well. Be the far better person and be kind and caring but yet ensure your mother gets the best care she deserves. By sending out only love, a better or more optimal situation will present itself. By reacting from ego, perhaps a more tense or difficult situation will greet you.

Be at peace with every event in your life. If there is one direction that We would offer to you for spiritual success is to remember that your life is charted. It is already written and your responses to all matters must be out of love and God’s grace. It is almost like your life is a play. Your experiences are in the script and happen when they are supposed to happen. You can either follow the script and respond with love or ad lib and react from ego, fear, anger or revenge. If you respond in ways that God has intended, your life will flow blissfully forward. All matters, including illness, accidents or other mishaps, will be managed with grace and tolerance. You will make great leaps in your ascension and your after life review will be met with praise and congratulations.

If you continue to react in less loving ways, your after life review will be you explaining why anger, manipulation, jealousy, fear or the need to control others was your choice. And…the explainations will not matter at all. You will not justify to God your need to be less than loving. No amount of reasoning will carry any weight. You have absolution, always. God always forgives and understands implicitly. But… the higher road was still the better road.

It is Our hope that this response places yesterday’s post in better perspective. We do not judge or punish. We are here to “guide.” We only know great love for you and We wish for your spiritual success.

Make adjustments. Keep trying. Remind yourself that LOVE is always the answer and this does not make you weak or vulnerable. This gives you untold strength because you are acting “as God, for God.”

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