Love is Simply Easier

We often encourage you to love, be love, show love and spread love to everyone and everything in your life. From this perspective it is so much easier to love than any other response or reaction. This concept may be difficult to understand at first but with time and serious contemplation. it will make more sense.

Whether you are met with stress, bad news, illness or other difficult events your best stance is to be loving and express joy in life. Some difficult things happen and people are met with all matter of adversity but it is still possible to be in a loving state.

How? It takes persistence. Your mother suffers a stroke. She is moderately impaired and will recover slowly for the next 2 years. Be loving. Offer your softest, warmest attitude when you get to the hospital. Feel and express gratitude for the hospital staff, her care and for the hospital itself. Ask God to take good care of her.

Be open and loving if she needs surgery. Again, be thankful for everything involved in her care including the surgeon, other staff and the surgical suite and recovery. Pray to God for the best medical care possible.

She will need rehabilitation. Be open and loving to the process of finding the proper facility to continue her care. Have faith that God will care for her and each of her loved ones. Visit often and hold and express love and appreciation for the rehab center and the staff involved in her care. Ask God to care for her and give her a speedy recovery.

Perhaps she gets to return home. Lovingly approach the subject and be open-minded for her home care arrangements to be quick and perfect. Feel love for the professional staff who care for her and keep God involved through regular prayer and expressions of gratitude.

This might not be so easy right. Say you have a problem with the hospital or their care of your mother. Or, the surgeon is edgy and short-tempered. Or, the rehab seems poorly staffed and costs a lot of money. Still feel and send love. Smile often. Accept that God has handed you some difficult lessons to learn from. What is your approach? Send love. If her care is substandard, attempt to arrange a transfer but also understand that you must love each situation, both the substandard care place and the better one. What? Yes, this is accurate. If God has made better arrangements for your mother then the transfer will go smoothly and quickly. If it is your opinion that the facility has substandard care but God is not in agreement, You must still love who they are and where she is being cared for. What?

Love makes everything better. She will attract the best care if you and her are loving and open-minded. There are no blocks or barriers to her optimal care if you and her do not put up blocks and barriers! Impossible right? Not actually.

Many people are able to face any adversity looking at the positives. The cup is half full and the room is full of Light. This takes constant attention to be able to view life in this way. What you haven’t realized yet is that if you and your mom are always loving and open she will have her stroke and be taken to the best possible facility and receive optimal care. You both have to be in that loving and hopeful state. If she is full of love and you are angry and fearful of her prognosis, she will cope with this medical crisis better than you. If your sister is hopeful and full of love and you are not, your sister will have better outcomes when faced with your mother’s care. The flow of grace will bathe her and you’ll be erecting barriers of fear which will likely turn to anger.

Which daughter would mom find the most helpful and supportive? This is the Law of Attraction. Expecting the best outcome and medical care will facilitate better care. Faith is a strong ally. Trust in God to care dearly for your mother and express gratitude repeatedly.

This still feels foreign and improbable but it truly isn’t. You actually know people who have this perspective. Perhaps they were Mother Teresa and Gandhi, but you still know of them. There are many lives that were bathed in joy and the people were able to improver their circumstances just by being in a loving state. It takes practice and persistence. Even Jesus had some troubled times when faced with persecution and death. No one is perfect but you may always try.

By opening the door to good luck, faith and benevolence YOU bring more love and happiness into your life. It is this simple. There is proof if you begin and keep trying. The new car may appear, the better job, the improved healthcare, the loving romantic relationship, more love and support with your father… You will notice things will be better and your needs will be met more quickly.

This is the FLOW of LOVE! In, out and around you. This improves the energy and positivity of your life. All good things will flow to you. The Law of Attraction works and you have been given the key. It may sound unbelievable but keep trying. Expect good things and say these expectations to yourself often. Always make statements about having what you want or need in the present tense and God will bless you with all of your desires.

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