Love is an Arc

What does this statement mean? Love is a rounded, buoyant bridge. You send out arcs of love to many people, places and things. You send it out with a boost of positive energy which causes the rise of the arc. Then, it finds its target as it settles back in the earth plane.

Do you always hit your target? No. Does it matter? Not at all. Why? Because it is LOVE that you are adding to the energy of the Universe! How could that go wrong?

You LOVE everything about your lover. Arcs of love are sent in many different directions because your love is not singular. It is many things. You LOVE Mother Earth. Many arcs are sent out. They impact many aspects of nature positively. You LOVE your job. Again, many arcs are sent out to your office, coworkers, the building which houses your work… Many targets to receive your love.

Now imagine the opposite. Your unhappiness with what you have, want or need. Those arcs are sent out as well. Do they hit only their mark? No. They may disperse into the areas around you and your life. Not such a great idea is it?

This may sound a lot like the Law of Attraction, and it is. Send out positive thoughts, feelings and expectations. Show gratitude for your life and all that you have. Be thankful for all of the people, places and things that you see and feel every day.

Nothing is perfect but with a positive and excited perspective, all matters of life are manageable. Even the negative or not so great stuff is ok. Be certain to give thanks for everything that is intended to teach you and make you grow. If you perceive it as positive, then it is.

Give thanks for the contrast of Earth’s atmosphere. Be appreciative for learning from people through positive and negative interactions. Sometimes your most difficult relationships are the ones that teach you the most.

Now let’s get rid of the word “negative.” This word creates the attraction of unwanted energy. We will now refer to our reaction to experiences as responses. We respond to situations, people and our environment. Our responses are always for our greater good. We respond to any amount of contrast with positive thoughts, statements and action. That makes a huge difference in your perspective.

As simple as this, you may bring only positive and proactive energy to your life. Everything is the up-side. “Thank you for this enlightening experience.” “I am grateful for my wonderful job because I grow spiritually from all types of situations.” “I appreciate this chance to learn.” Everything is good and in your best interest, because it is!

You may speak to the Universe about how much you LOVE what you have and this will attract events and belongings which you appreciate. How? An example would be if you have a car which doesn’t always run smoothly. You express to the Universe and voice how much you LOVE your good running, economical car. What happens? The Universe will bring a car which is newer and more reliable to fulfill your expectations.

What about relationships? This will help as well. The difference with people is your ability to accept their behavior whether it meets your expectations or not. Sometimes the contrast you experience with your partner is small stuff. By changing your patience and perspective, you accept them more fully. There are deal breakers and that is up to your own free will to define those boundaries. It is less desirable for you to be disrespected, cheated on, physically abused or made to feel unworthy of love and attention. God does not expect you to find patience and a positive perspective toward someone who devalues you.

It is very positive and proactive to state to the Universe that everyone in your life treats you with respect and appreciation. Have the Universe fulfill that expectation! You will make changes to your expectations from others and people who do not value you will no longer fit into your life. This takes strength and courage.

Always remember that spirit and angels are very blunt. Stop drinking, stop abusing drugs, stop lying or stealing, leave your abuser, move to a better neighborhood… They don’t always offer you the steps to take to achieve these actions. You have to know if and when to stop abusing alcohol and drugs because of the impact such actions would have on your responsibilities. You also need to decide if and when you may leave your abuser. It may not be safe right now and you need a better plan before you make that effort. Or, because of a very real threat, you may not leave without an extensive plan in place. Or, they may want you to change jobs because you are not fulfilling your chart. You have to know if that is plausible or you need to move more slowly to ensure your financial well-being. Be cautious. Take good care of yourself and those who depend upon you.

Begin now by using positive and hopeful expressions. Let the Universe know that you appreciate everything that your life is and you expect more happiness. Use the thoughts and words of LOVE frequently. Send out those loving thoughts and watch the conditions of your life improve to meet your expectations.

You are valuable and worthy of love and respect. You are Divine. You are everything you ever wanted to be if you take actions that resonate with your wishes. God and spirit wish to fulfill you and await your directions. It will positively impact your life to express your happiness now. You have everything you want and need now. You have an entourage of departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, Jesus and God to bring you the life you have always wanted. Make it so.

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