Learn From Illness and Disease

We have been in a quandary about your current illnesses. It seems like many strains of undesirable bacteria and viruses have been bombarding you as of late. It makes us ponder what the outcomes could be for such a vast array of sickness. What We have come up with is a list of character-building strengths. It may seem out-of-place right now but we hope you will see the correlation soon enough.
Very few of you globally will be exposed to Ebola but we refer to pneumonia and influenza as well.

1. Diligence for your health and that of your loved ones.

2. You may become a caretaker for those who are seriously ill. Pay extra attention to hand washing and disease prevention. There may be a need to take extra time to care for those who are ill and you will have to make that compromise and put the rest of your duties aside. This may create a hardship for you.

3. There must be a hard-won search for hope. All may seem lost but finding the silver lining will make the difference in the success of this trial.

4. Caretakers may suffer some financial losses. This will definitely add to your stressors but if you have enough faith to release that worry, about money, you will gain countless benefits in spiritual growth and strength.

5. You must choose between your casual daily life and someone’s pressing need for your care. Your heart will expand to include all duties that have been pushed upon you.

6. This time spent with others will expand your appreciation for the needs that you are accustomed to being met in your daily life. You will value your belongings and the things that make your life easier and more pleasurable.

7. Actual disease will relieve you of many responsibilities much like weeding out some unnecessary tasks or goals that will have lost their importance.

8. Your return to health will have a dramatic impact upon the appreciation you have for your home, work, family and other things that you value.

9. You will look to others after this harsh onset has passed and each of you will have a renewed outlook on life. It may seem like the resolution will place the appropriate value on human life over financial gain or work related duties.

10. Remember that each soul has charted their existence. This is a time of great suffering which will promote great learning. We all return to God and our suffering is not without value. We learn and teach from being ill and we learn and teach from being the caregiver. There is only strength once you have released any ego-driven priorities.

There have been great caregivers across time. They are a specific type of being and earn great value from ministering to the illness of others. They have charted that life and were undeniably drawn to this type of service.

We would not characterize them as martyrs. They are selfless and forward thinking. Their concern was never about themselves. They experienced satisfaction in caring for others even to the detriment of themselves. This committment to society was rarely thought of as a successful endeavor. They tended to be financially poor and unconcerned for their own possessions or income.

These are rare humans. Truthfully, some were angels sent to your plane for the purpose of healing a large number of afflicted. The intent of these people is to inspire you and somehow lift you out of your fear of disease and focus instead upon how much others may need you. In this altruistic state you are encouraged to believe in your resistance to the illness or your expectation of rapid healing if you were to become ill. It is working as God for God.

It is not meant to make you careless around the disease. It is more closely to resemble having a realistic perspective about the disease and refusing to be wildly fearful about contracting it.

This is a time of fear. Many wonder about how and when they will be placed at risk for illness. We encourage you to be mindful but not unreasonable. Take good care of yourself and limit any unhealthy activities for some time to come. Say prayers for your own protection and wellbeing as well as for those you love. Be proactive and try to safeguard your community from any callous or haphazard risk.

This is a great time to send love and healing into the world around you. Think about what you truly value in life and work to protect the people you come into contact with everyday. It is in times of great stress that you find your inner strength.

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