The Magic of Family

Many people say that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. That is not exactly right. We have chosen our family, through many generations in fact. We are composed of a soul group. We have been parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles… for each other for many generations.

We have intricate karmic relationships with each other. We have experienced positive and negative life circumstances repeatedly. Spirit often states that both positive and negative events are intended to teach us. We may simply say our family dynamics are both positive and negative, possibly at the same time.

We are the closest friends on the Other Side. We know each other intimately. We have been both male and female. We also chose to teach each other in death. The entire lifespan of our relationships have been carefully orchestrated. Some of our lives mirror each other by intention. Which makes sense if we have the same parents, grandparents… Then, at other times, we are the exact opposite despite our shared lives.

Some negative traits are carried through families as well. Drug and alcohol abuse tends to occur in subsequent generations. So does depression, bi-polar disorder, and psychotic illnesses. We learn much of our dysfunction from our parents or the primary care giver in our youth. If they did not have healthy coping skills, then we also may not. We also were aligned by wealth. If our grandparents were wealthy then it was more likely that we were also raised with money. It is also true that if our grandparents had money then some cycle of dysfunction began which lead to the loss of wealth. Whatever our previous generation dealt with somehow influenced us. There is a pattern.

We are not lost to the irony of your human lives. The heaviness and negativity of the earth is exactly why you chose to live here. There is a challenge in relationships that many of you cannot possibly escape. You were destined to go through this drama because you had an agreement with your closest souls.

This is one of the most frustrating realities that humans may struggle to accept. Your life is Divine and you are eternal. Your earth life is a series of challenges intended to teach you. By taking each moment of every day and expecting it to be the sum total of your existence, you lay too much importance upon it. People live well, are sad, get sick, graduate college, die alone, stay well, die poor, work a trade, are happy, build a home, have close family, are solitary, find God … all in different lives. Yes, but what did that teach you? It is that simple.

Embrace each moment of every day and ask God what more do you have to learn? “I learned __________ from my youth but chose _________ as something spiritually successful as I age.” “My father taught me________ and I built upon it for my children to learn from.” “My grandfather drank alcohol and was verbally abusive. My mother abuses alcohol as well. I chose to _____________.” “My grandmother was poor after my grandfather died. I have a retirement account and life insurance so my family will be ok.” Who better to learn from than those closest to you? You not only witnessed change but you experienced it as well. Life taught you by putting you through it and your family agreed to be part of the process.

Life is positive and negative and so are your family members. Learn from someone who is making good decisions and learning life lessons. And, learn the opposite of what your family members with poor coping skills have chosen to do. These lessons are very intimate because you have an emotional connection to the person whose learning.

Embrace the committment that you have made to each other. Walk this part of the trail together and learn from their success and failure. We care enough to struggle or celebrate with each the other. Love survives many relationship stressors. Even if you don’t love the person you are related to, they are still here to learn from. There are also times when you cannot be in contact with those you love out of dysfunction. You may still want the best for them but cannot accept the damage that they brought upon you. This is ok. You may make that decision for yourself. God always knows your heart. You are never asked to be abused just because you are related to someone.

Life is about finding love, peace and success. You aligned all of your family in order to teach you effectively. Each of you had the strength to commit to this together. Honor the part of them which provided you the most good and forgive the rest. You don’t have to be in an abusive relationship but you can still forgive. This is good for your soul. Hate or holding a grudge is not the lesson that you intended for each other.

Approach life knowing the truth about each day. You are the author and you charted this for your own growth and for the chance to teach those you love as well. This is about your soul and the souls of your dearest loved ones when you are on the Other Side. Of course they taught you the hardest lessons! That is just like them!

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