Cross The Stream


Many meditations have a segment of either walking through or standing in water. There is a cleansing property to water and an ability to facilitate spirit communication. Many sensitive people receive many more messages in the bath or shower than in other areas of their day. Some psychic/mediums have a water feature in their home or office to accomplish many of the necessary cleansing, protective and communicative duties that accompany giving accurate spirit communication.

A stream of water may also be used to envision your personal cleansing and clearing of your chakras and entire being. Either picture yourself standing under a shower of Holy Water or sitting/lying down in a spiritually cleansing stream. Envision the water passing over and through you and taking away any debris or dark energy. Then make sure to fill these areas with brilliant White Light.

You may also visualize walking upon the earth and sinking deeper into a meditative state. Then, cross a stream of bright, vivid, cleansing water. When you reach the other side you have entered into a place of deep meditation in which you may speak to your loved ones, guides, Jesus, saints… When you have completed your communication you may walk back to consciousness through the stream and back up into alertness. Please be sure to keep the blissful content feeling when you begin your day again.

Many people feel drawn to live by water or travel to bodies of water for reflection and relaxation. There are varieties of water sounds used for relaxation exercises or meditation as well. This may resonate with some and others may feel uninspired by it. The sound of water flowing, waves crashing a beach or dripping may act as a white noise to distract your attention away from spirit communication. This distraction allows spirit to speak to you more subconsciously without your defenses raised. This same type of distraction also works when you sleep and spirit may come to you in a dream since, again, your defenses are down. Water also can conduct vibrations and electrical pulses which spirit may use. And, for most people a shower or bath is relaxing thus reducing your tendency to block out unexpected noises or interaction.

Now comes the thoughts about being in fear of showers and baths because you do not want spirit to speak to you! You may address this by saying a prayer before your bath/shower and ask God to not be approached by any spirit for any reason. God will abide by this wish and you should be able to cleanse yourself in peace. It may be also acceptable to perform any amount of protection exercises before as well.

Usually your uninvited guests are departed loved ones but it is true that other less desirable energies may approach you as well. That being said, this time of year is marked by a thinning of the veil between us on earth and spirit on the Other Side. Interaction between the two planes is far more common near the end of October. It may occur to you to be protective around this time frame. Halloween is actually a result of primitive minds trying to explain the interaction with spirit during this thinning. It was fearful to them so they attempted to develop actions and practises to ward off any unpleasant ghosts. It did not occur to them that it may have been loved ones returning to visit.

Use water for spiritual and emotional health. Relax and allow your energy to be cleansed and purified. Release any debris or dark energy and remember to fill back up with White Light. Understand that in your spiritual pursuit, water will help you to connect to loving beings who are “of God.” Your guides are eager for any opportunity to communicate with you and bring about your continued ascension. Just think if you were coaching a sports team and could not speak, gesture or write any direction or guidance to your players. You would languish at the bench and feel sorrow for the precious and valuable information that you were unable to share. This is how your guides feel and they only wish to bring about your self-actualization and communion with God and other loving beings.

This is the relationship that you agreed with prior to entering this incarnation. Allow your guides to fulfill their role in your healing and spiritual advancement.

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