My Divine Self

Your Divine Self…

Is above all petty and demeaning activities that take away from your being thoughtful, loving and altruistic.

Is full of promise and potential for the future in spiritual endeavors and self-fulfillment.

Is capable of transmuting all of your grudges and destructive thought cycles.

Is full of desire to rise above this earth plane, during this life, and commune again with God.

Is not lost to the complexities of human life yet fully provides unconditional forgiveness and hope for new beginnings.

Is aligned with the Divine Light and will continually seek to resonate with it despite distractions.

Is forever in concert with God and will only seek completion of tasks which were predetermined for this incarnation.

Is hopeful for your soul and for the souls of your earth companions since you have come into this existence together, as a soul group, for specific purposes.

Is forever lost to the mundane and menial distractions that this darkened earth energy exposes you to.

Is capable of totally embracing and resolving your sins in order to align you more fully with your life chart.

Commune with your Divine Self. Ask God and other heavenly hosts to bring your Divine Self to you. Sit quietly and seek to match the resonance of your Holy Self. Mildly meditate and envision your Divine Self sitting across from you. This is the part of you that is capable of living in the House of God. This is your true being which resides on the Other Side and will come to you in an instant when summoned.

This variation of you knows all of your life charts intimately. Your current chart is of the utmost importance. You have split from this true self in order to live this life and complete your tasks. After death, you will return to the Other Side and seek to rejoin this part of you. You will not immediately rejoin your Divine Self because you must reaclimate to the energy of the heavenly plane and complete all of your lifelines which were undone or left incomplete.

What is available to you now is a communion with your Divine Self for answers, healing, inspiration and increased self-actualization. You may run cords or hold hands with this version of yourself and accept any and all answers to life’s concerns. A cord from your third eye to theirs and from your God Center to theirs would be ideal to start. You will be exposed to complete forgiveness and understanding. All of your limited thinking may be relieved. The trivial worries of life will feel meaningless. All of the answers to your universal existence may be answered.

What determines your success with aligning with your Divine Self is your ability to release everything dark, negative and petty. Your insistence to carry insecurity and doubt will stall your success. If you are unable to accept your own Divinity your journey back to God will be incomplete.

Please try this exercise and feel the peace that the embodiment of your true being may bring to you. Once you have felt the power of being truly complete you will feel encouraged to do this often. Your sucess with connecting to your Divine Self will improve with practise.

Any fear of insignificance will fall away. You are God. You are one with the energy that is God. You are Divine. Find all of the higher roads and complete what you came here to learn. Then, go home with triumph. Accept that you truly did understand your purpose here and you achieved success despite the contrast of Earth’s energy.

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