10 Things God Wants You to Know

1. Love is all it takes to improve someone’s life from the inside out.

2. Forgiveness will bring me the most profound shift in my consciousness.

3. Love is not merely between humans but with Mother Nature and Heavenly Beings as well.

4. Cancelling my plans will lead to greater success because then God has intervened and brought me something better.

5. Make plans to heal myself, others, and all of God’s creation including animals and insects that you don’t like.

6. Healing is improved when the healer is well and emotionally stable. A broken cast will only give energy that is also broken.

7. Ask for wellness and leave the answers to ME.

8. Surround yourself with joy and appreciation for this will draw to you other things and circumstances of beauty.

9. Begin by admitting that you are fallible and have made mistakes but you are more than willing for God to lead the way.

10. Ask my guides to make changes in your chart to bring me some much needed circumstances that will motivate me to follow God much more closely.

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