This, Or Something Better

We ask that you contemplate your needs. You have arranged many barriers in and around your mind and being that We are not able to bring you all that you desire. The quickest way to become receptive is to release any and all expectations. Much of your beliefs about yourself and your readiness to accept Divine assistance is your own self-doubt and lack of self-worth.

Accept, in this moment, that you are perfect in God’s eyes and deserving of self-fulfillment. There are no tests to pass or secret handshake. You are worthy. Your barriers to receiving help is all that stands in Our way.

Please ask. It is truly that simple. Ask for what you want or need. Please make sure it is “of God.” Do not ask for the illness, failure or punishment of anyone or anything. If your needs are simple, then keep it simple. If you need money for food state, “Thank you God for the money I have for food.” Notice it is in the present tense. You already have it! Then release any doubt or hesitation. This will allow God to bring it to you. The moment you doubt, you actually cancel your request.

Humans have a problem rising out of the weight and negativity of your earth plane. Being surrounded by heaviness naturally brings you feelings of lack, doubt and not having enough. You believe that if you were happy and had enough, you would surely feel light and free. This is an error. You must forcefully seek ascension. You must increase your vibration and bring those feelings of freedom to yourself “despite” the negativity of your environment.

Literally shake off the heaviness of your emotional burdens. Feel your movements becoming more relaxed and carefree as you release your blocks and barriers. By flushing out your heavier energy and allowing more lightness, you automatically raise your vibration.

There are many ways to flush your being. Some will involve meditation. You may also find some guided meditations which will lead you through exercises to release darkness and fill back up with Light and love. Being grounded is also essential. If you have difficulty reaching these states, please keep trying. You must allow God into your life in order to advance spiritually. Discover your connection to Mother Earth and God. Within that state of being your needs will be met and life will feel charmed.

Ask. Be specific, then let go. “Thank you for the money to repair my car.” “Thank you for finding the right Dr. to treat my Mother’s illness.” “Thank you for the medication to heal my elderly cat.” “Thank you for the quickest way to get to work today.”

What if you aren’t sure what you want or need? Then ask for “This, or something better.” You may want a new home but God understands you may not be prepared for that yet and brings you a better rental. Or, you may want more information about raising your vibration. God responds by giving you tickets to a healing expo in your local area with free demonstrations about meditation, healing, being grounded, ascension and raising your vibration. You may want to learn Reiki and then God allows you to hear an advertisement on the radio about low-cost training. “This, or something better.”

Learning this mindset will improve your receptiveness to the Divine substantially more than a simple, finite, unimaginative request. Open this door. Make room for God to bring you everything He truly wants you to have. You deserve more help than you have now and God and spirit want to bring you the fulfillment you desire.

Get out of your own way. Ask and leave the door open for much more.

Make sure you give God and spirit permission to act in your behalf. If you do not do this, very little will change. Even God is not able to bypass your free will. If you have those negative thoughts looping in your mind about lack and need, God cannot bypass your intent to be lacking and needy. You truly have to release your control over what you have asked God to help you with. This is the part about getting out of your own way. If you step in and feel responsible for this circumstance again, then that is you exercising your free will and God cannot overcome that.

For true relief, it must be God’s Will. Release your anxiety and fear and allow your Creator to care for you as any amazing father would care for their precious child.

Be humble and express your appreciation. These positive responses will increase the amount of positive energy between you and the Divine beings who bring you what you need. This also strengthens your connection with God and Mother Earth because you nurture and protect it and “allow” it to grow.

Become accustomed to saying to God, “I know you want me to be healthy, happy and prosperous and I allow your love to bring these things.” Stop the negative thoughts that loop in your mind. Replace them with the truth and experience the fulfillment that you deserve.

“This, or something better,” knows no boundaries. Release your tendancy to limit what God may do for you.

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