Contemplate Color

Sit quietly and contemplate love. Do you express and receive enough love? Could you do more to increase the amount of love and joy that you send out into the world?

This is something that must become a habit. Make attempts each day to fill your being up with love and then overflow it into the area around you. Then keep it flowing until you fill up your home, work, gym, garden, place of worship, neighborhood and community.

No one may deplete your good feelings if you envision your joy and contentment overflowing from your being at all times.

Make this visual at first. Choose a color that represents you when you are happy and well. White is a good choice because it represents God and the Divine. Gold as well. Pink feels like love. Blue may be joy. Purple is a connection to spirit. Other suggestions may correspond to your chakra colors which seem to represent the strengths in your current life. Red is your base chakra, orange is your sacral chakra, yellow is your solar plexus chakra, green is your heart chakra, and blue is your throat chakra… If you enjoy singing and music perhaps blue is your happy color. If you feel love and want to share it, perhaps emerald-green is your best choice.

May be your “favorite” color corresponds to a healing, happy feeling that could be best to radiate love into the world. Doing some research online for the meaning behind the chakra colors may help you to discover why blue is your favorite color, or green, or orange…

It may be that your main spirit guide and/or guiding Archangel also adorns themselves with your favorite color. Envisioning your guide color also helps to align you with their energy and aid in communication with them. Many of you wish to be in closer contact with the Divine and this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

What do you do after you select the color of joy and contentment in your life? Wrap yourself in it. Envision a robe, blanket or shawl and be immersed in its wonder and beauty. Release any tension or barriers and allow yourself to be infused with your happy, healing color. Sit quietly at your desk, watch TV, drive your car, lie quietly in bed… Take any opportunity to snuggle deeply into this vision of God, angels and spirit. Your resonance with the Divine will occur gradually and completely.

You will feel your confidence and strength grow. You will realize that you are not alone and you have the love of God at all times. Develop your inner strength then radiate it outward.

Then what? Wrap your loved ones in the colors of your choosing. White represents God. Emerald-green is healing. Pink is love…

Is a loved one ill? Try a wrap of emerald-green and overlap a bright white. Give them healing at their core and God all over! Are they healthy but need some support? Wrap them in pink for love! Keep going. Find colors that represent your true intent to love, support and heal the people in your life.

Now you may want to flush your home, work, car and other spaces with light as well. Start with a bright white light. Remember to flush behind dressers, under desks and on top of shelves. Do your best to flush the entire space and not just what is visible to the eye.

Going for a job interview? Flush the room with blue for communication. Seeing your doctor? Flush the room with emerald-green. Do you want to talk to your deceased grandmother? Use violet!

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep it simple enough so that you will follow through with this exercise daily. If you want real easy, use white for everything.

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