The “Gift” Moon

Tomorrows full moon is splendid. It is termed a “Blood Moon” but only in reference to the color not any negative aspects. As with any full moon you have the potential to purge many negative feelings and traits and ask for positive blessings to full you up!

Any release exercise will help you to give your negative energy up and make space for more positive and loving energy. Some involve writing your negative emotions on slips of paper and burning them under the watchful full moon. Others may have you dump your conflicted energy into a purifying flame or well of God-infused water. What is absolutely true is that you’ll find a release exercise that resonates with you. Then you may keep performing these purges during every full moon to maintain your emotional and spiritual health.

There is nothing hokey about using the energy of the full moon to boost your personal progress toward healing. The full moon has bountiful energy which is a part of nature. There isn’t anything “new age” about it. The moon is a part of our everyday life. We all understand magnetic energy and the healing properties of light. This is what our moon brings to us!

The moon’s energy may pull on us and the water systems around the world. We all feel differently when the moon is full. This is not harmful but rather liberating. This abundant energy is ripe for assisting with any transformation that you desire.

Here are some suggestions. Keep in mind that the moon may give you gifts of energy and cleansing. It is good to focus on clearing your mind and making more room for peace and vital happiness.

1. Joy- This is an overall brightness of your mood and perspective. Joy does not cost anything and will make your outlook and personal satisfaction blossom. You release many darker energies when you accept a joyful perspective.

2. Love- This is a gift for yourself and others. It has a dramatic influence on your emotions AND physical wellbeing. If your heart and mind are full of love there is no room for anything but positive feelings both inside and outward into your community. You cannot be angry when you’re feeling love. Your negativity melts in favor of understanding and acceptance. You are able to embrace your loved ones mentally and physically.

3. Forgiveness- Offer forgiveness for yourself and others. Begin by looking within. You have made mistakes in life. You may have lacked understanding, maturity and insight. There are many things that you now do differently. You have a great understanding for your human limitations. Forgive yourself any pain, trauma or injury you may have caused. Now, turn that mindset outward. Others have been through many trials as well. They had limited capabilities to make all the right decisions. They may make better decisions and actions now. Each of you are given the gift of forgiveness. You have great value and so do the other people around you. No one is above another. Each of you is granted this gift and the promise of greater learning. It is good to begin again and offer that same great understanding to others as well.

4. Purpose- Accept that your purpose in life is far greater than material gains. Bring love, honor and hope to the world. Do things that are positive and uplifting. Make changes to your life that bring you closer to your Higher Self. You have goals and responsibilities. You came into this life for a greater purpose. Choose positive feelings and attitudes. Raise up your loved ones and others in your life. Do not diminish your divinity. You ARE God in human form and your life has great value. Bring Light, love and happiness to yourself and others. Overcome the emotional pain and turmoil of your existence up until now. Resist any addictions, crime, manipulation, greed and dark opportunities.

Are you able to ask the “Blood Moon” for lottery numbers? Sure! But if you haven’t charted a lottery win they won’t work. Even a lottery win comes with a list of life lessons and opportunities to grow closer to God.

Have you noticed these gifts are not materialistic? Yes again! What would God want for you in this life? Have you noticed emotions and turmoil you have to work through and learn from? These are your goals. You all have had a life of great prosperity. Perhaps you did win a vast amount of money at one time. This life may not be the monumental wealth one, but you have far greater challenges and goals.

Look within. What changes will bring about a stronger connection with God and spirit? Release any need for things that are not “of God.” This will make life more simple and wholesome. True spiritual blessings will flow to you more freely and life will seem charmed.

Embrace the gifts offered by the reddish/orange full moon. Release many things that no longer serve your higher self and fill up with much more love, joy, forgiveness and purpose.

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