Where Are We?

Why do you have such a hard time being content? You continually “expect” something to be dramatic and different. You don’t seem to realize that THIS is our existence. We have said before, “You are the person you are waiting for.”

Your life is here & now. There is no magic formula to present you with money, a great job, a beautiful home, a new car… This is it. If you want these things you have to set about bringing them into your life. But then again…life is NOT about materialistic things. Is this beginning to make any sense to anyone yet?

You feel like you are “in the process” of becoming perfect. You ARE perfect. The frustration you feel is the conflict between what you “want” and what is truly spiritual success.

Surround yourself with what brings you joy. Please don’t assume that your joy is a million dollars and an attractive model-like spouse. This is not what life is. This is your dilemma. Your ego is pulling you to materialistic “needs.” Then, in true fashion, ego dumps you in the middle of NO materialistic happiness. You keep replaying this cycle and expect someone to give you a hand up and present you with happiness.

You must find your own happiness. The key is in your soul. It is what you want and what you desperately need. It has nothing to do with money or the perfect lover. It is your own self-respect and appreciation. Be your own cheerleader and feel “whole” even if you do not have a spouse or are in a disappointing relationship.

Another person does not complete you. You complete you. Jerry Maguire was wrong.

This planet is full of people waiting for a dramatic gift of inspiration. Please resist this tendency. You ARE the director of your joy, love and self-actualization. What is the first step to take to believe this? Let go!

Let go of all the strings attached to all the relationships, responsibilities, career goals, materialistic enthusiasm… Allow God to be the center of your Universe. Relax and release your “needs.” The traps of ego are what is keeping you from realizing that you are already happy. You are a work in progress and where you are now in your chart is exactly ok. Now take the next steps toward making your existence better.

Better how? More love joy, prayer, song, dance, gardening, healing, raising children, volunteering, coaching, pet rescue… Be ONE with God and find that pulse between your Creator and Mother Earth.

The next step is perspective. You are happy if you believe you are happy. Resist ego’s attempt to derail your spiritual ascension. You take many step up the ladder to heaven and then ego side tracks you into believing that true joy is materialism. Then you stumble down a few steps and are left feeling unhappy again.

Ego is like a frenemy. It wants to mock, malign and destroy you. It is that voice in your head that pushes you to gossip and compete. Many people believe they are hearing their spirit guide or God when in fact it is your own ego voice. If you are being led toward negative distractions, stop listening. Easier said then done. But try.

God wants you to love yourself and others. Make your life better each day and make this generation better than the one before. Build yourself and others up! No more gossip or manipulation. There is value in your life and the lives of others. And, lessons are taught by both positive and negative events.

Reconnect with your own value and stop trying to find the “perfect” lover. The chances of finding someone who is also a work in progress yet has a good heart and faith in God is much more reasonable. It is ok to find someone who is not forever. There must be more flexibility in your expectations.

Avoid the millennial mindset. It does not have to be NOW and PERFECT! No one will fit the bill if you have not found any self-appreciation and centeredness. It is far more likely you’ll find someone incomplete, needy and potentially abusive because you believe you have no value without them. This is not God’s desire for you.

Do the work. Heal yourself. Express your joy and happiness because you are whole.

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