The Gentle Journey Outward

Today we will guide you to look outward for some of your personal satisfaction. Life is a balance between caring for yourself and others, including the community and world.

1. Start by establishing a prayer list. Include your loved ones first. Make your list with 10 names or less to start.

2. Begin with those you feel have some underlying sadness, illness or unresolved issues.

3. Once you have your list, start with a general prayer to the Universe about sending love and healing to those in need.

4. Then focus on each person and envision them surrounded by an amazing White Light. Get their energy moving and leave them with clean colors and crystal clear energy. This will allow your good intentions to provide a generalized boost and cleanse.

5. Send Angels! It is always a good idea to give yourself and loved ones an entourage of angels. Be specific about healing of illness, resolving past concerns or bringing about success and self-actualization. Or, ask for a general blanket of angels to bring love and contentment.
You may send angels with people who are travelling, undergoing surgery, dealing with legal matters, interviewing for a new job…

6. Continue to focus on each person on your list. Then say a closing prayer of good intentions and your desire to be a positive influence in the Universe.

7. After your list, focus on yourself. Pray for good energy and healing Light. Ask to be calm, centered and in tune with the Divine.

8. Ask for all good things to flow to you and bring alignment with your current life chart.

9. Perform any amount of protection rituals/prayers since you are extending your energy further outside of yourself. Some research may help but you may remember the white bubble, white net or white egg to surround you. Use angels or animal guides if desired.

10. Act upon your prayer list each day. Set aside some time and release any pressure to get things done. This will only take a few minutes.

The amount of brilliant energy that will fill your life will increase with each passing day. “Coincidences” of good fortune will increase and you may feel blessed by many positive events. This practise has definite accumulative properties.

You may gain insight into the lives of those on your prayer list as well. You may feel a shift toward either physical illness or emotional upset. They may unexpectedly talk to you about their lives or stressors. You may also become aware of more loved ones who also need your loving attention.

Always remember to be respectful of any insight or information that you receive about those on your prayer list. This is NEVER about gossip or competition. You are assuming the task of being God in human form and this is an auspicious responsibility. Do not lessen your existence by putting others down.

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