Opinions Are Becoming Clear

We have covered some varying topics. Some are intended to stretch your capability for what is possible and what may be true. We have chosen to guide you in this manner. We want you to open your belief for what feels good and right. If you are able to release your immediate disbelief, so much more is possible. Some topics will always feel unbelievable and that is ok too.

There are spiritual beings above and below. Heaven, or The Other Side, has a multitude of angelic and inspirational beings. The earth, both on her crust and deep within her being, is also populated with spiritual and inspirational beings. Those of you on earth have a comfort level with either Heavenly beings or Elemental, earth-based beings. This comfort arises from your childhood or your collected experiences in life up to this point.

You are drawn to the majesty of angels, Archangels, Saints, Jesus and God or earthly fairies, animal guides, shamanic healing rituals, moon rituals, chanting and drumming. We would like to gently intermingle the two. Our belief is that most of you reading this post are more familiar with the concept of Heaven since the name of this site contains His name.

Relax. Keep an open mind and we will address you with our utmost respect. We will seek a manner in which you may release some of your more concrete beliefs. If there is dogma we will carefully wear down the edges and introduce some equally comforting and inspirational ideas. We will not take you too far astray because that is not your comfort level and there would be no learning beyond that point.

These points are where we will begin.

1. God is but one energy being that occupies an alternate plane of existence which has a direct relationship with you in your current earth life and your soul life on that side.

2. Family members are likely good friends with you as you exist as souls. You entered into an arrangement to be a part of each others current earth life.

3. These important people do not just teach you through positive experiences. There are many soul friends who have agreed to teach you through negative life experiences as well.

4. There are Karmic obligations that play out with your soul friends. There is positive and negative karma that may occur in this one life or may have occurred in past lives between you and them.

5. These karmic debts may play out for many generations if either of you have not fully met your debt or have unintentionally increased it.

6. The people you meet which you have an immediate reaction to are likely very positive or very negative for your current life. The negative situations are frequently karmic debt relationships. The positive relationships may be (human) earth guides who are present for part of your chart to be loving and supportive.

7. Past life physical damage, anger, rage, unresolved commitments, murder/suicide will result in strenuous relationships in this current life. You may perceive meeting them as “love at first sight” but it truly is not further from the truth. If their intent is to further damage your existence it is far more beneficial to quickly end this relationship and respond by bringing love and Light to yourself and others for some time after. This is a way of repairing your good energy and attempting to heal the damage that they have reintroduced.
These negative forces may appear in a non-sexual “friend” as well. Instead of love at first sight you feel like you have known them for years. Which is probably accurate. It is your task to resist friendship if they are a negative influence and again, make attempts to heal in their wake.

8. Past lives are a large precursor for the obligations and intent of this life. You have layers of learning, knowledge and experience. You also have karmic situations to resolve. There is rarely a current earth life that has no connection to any past life.

9. Many problems developed in childhood are exactly the issues you must resolve in the remainder of this life. By listing your childhood problems and emotional trauma you will have created a list of things to heal. Sort of a lifetime to-do list. Once you have resolved these concerns your spiritual pursuit is paramount.

10. God is aware of your life chart and intimately knows your progress. Lessons are both positive and negative. It is your obligation to accept this and release any undue emotional trauma related to life-teaching, negative events. People die, have cancer, are murdered, miscarried, suffer violence, are cheated on, have birth defects, have mental illness… and this is all intended to teach you something.

There is something infinitely stronger than these negative things. God is at the center of the Universe. Faith is your doorway to a higher level of existence.

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