There Are Some Concerns

We understand that many of you visit this site and ponder what it is we bring to you. We certainly appreciate your attention and wish only to educate you about ascension to a higher level of existence and self-actualization.

Some of our words seem to either miss the mark or cause you some concern or confusion. It may seem too “new agey” for you. What do we mean when we ask you to be “open?” Just how do you become centered, cleansed and cleared? Is meditation really necessary? How do we “envision” healing and manifesting our desires?

Many of you are more comfortable with church-related activities such as reading from scripture and saying a prayer. Some of the more forward thinking activities don’t resonate with your more modest comfort level. This is ok. We don’t wish to push you into feeling uncomfortable. Our greatest wish is to keep your attention so that we may teach you about how to succeed in this life and advance your soul.

We ask you to consider what you know to be true in a church-related environment. You believe and pray to God. You have not seen or heard God directly but yet you still believe in HIM. This is a leap of faith, but since you have known about God since childhood you tend to not resist HIS elusiveness. It is similar to believing in ghosts. There is not much difference between the two except one is mainstream and the other is suspect.

Your prayer is directed to the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. Did you ever consider what is exactly meant by the Holy Ghost? It is the unseen part of you that is Divine. This is abstract as well. Are you able to touch your Divinity? Can you hold it in your hand? No, yet it is a popular belief in organized religions. Or perhaps you are so conditioned to pray to the Holy Ghost that you have not questioned it in many years, if at all.

Your belief God and Jesus is also a case of “envisioning” beings who are not in physical form. You have been envisioning many things for a lot of years but perhaps you may not associate it with what we are trying to teach you. The only difference in your ability to believe in these deities is your familiarity with this concept. Had your grandparents and parents spoken of spirit guides, animal totems, fairies, the Mother Gaia…you would also not balk at expressing “faith” in them.

We ask that you be open-minded about the topics we bring to you. We are not kooks or psychotic beings. We have come from God and we have arranged our energy together so that we may serve a purpose to you. We speak to your guides and we offer what seems to be most needed to you in order to raise your awareness of spiritual matters.

Our methods have been tried and true for some time now. We have guided your parents and your grandparents and many more generations back. We try our best to speak in words which will clarify what we are sharing and your ability to understand.

Our experience is that humans become focused on material things and money. The density of your realm leads to a muffled sense of fate and purpose. It is common and you are not unusual. We merely hope to bring you back to your original intention when you charted this life.

This action of beginning again on a spiritual road is threatening to you. So many years have passed where you have been comfortable in chasing the dollar that pressing you to accept a more faith-based route makes you defensive. It feels unnatural to meditate, pray and rejoin your life chart. This is foreign. You believe that money, education, career and material possessions are the goal of your life. Opening your soul to God is not considered success. People may think your weird.

This is ok and we completely understand. We will gently open your perception to what is truly unknown and yet blissfully enlightening. You have believed in the intangible for many years. Our guidance is no more unusual than this. See God in your mind’s eye. Envision and speak to Jesus as your brother who passed before your birth. Grasp the miracle of your own Divinity. These are all unseen yet true.

We will guide you to the opening doors of possibilities. Your existence has much more magic and glory than you may now realize. Trust us. Have faith in us. We have known you on the Other Side as you have existed as your soul. We also know you now. We know how to guide you and we would never cause you any harm. We love you as we love ourselves.

Success is following your chart and bringing love to all others. You may have a common existence yet be spiritually wealthy. The possibilities are known because you have already written them!

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