Don’t Settle

From our post yesterday many of you believe that we are advocating for you to settle in life. No, we ask you to OPEN to life and ALLOW life to happen according to your chart. Is it more romantic to ask you to “follow your destiny” instead? It is the same concept. And yes, it does sound more pleasing.

We are asking you to relax and allow God to bring about your intended experiences which will bring about your destiny of love and possibly true love.

You are still a work in progress and so are your intended love interests. You have not been swept off of your feet because you have not allowed the process of learning “to love” to occur. You are asking God for the “perfect” person to complete your life. This isn’t how life works. Go through the steps and become mature enough to KNOW true love and then be lead to that experience.

There are many steps that lead to anything that you truly want. It is like entering college. Your first major may not be the field in which you end up getting your degree. Experience teaches you what you value and truly enjoy. It isn’t instantaneous. Asking God to act immediately is rarely what is good for you and it won’t happen. This life is about learning and expanding. The mate you choose now may be the absolute wrong person to fulfill you in another 5 or 10 years. Pushing something into being is a bad idea.

Please don’t settle. We ask that you flow with life and accept the knowledge and experience that is intended to greet to you. Then, find that person who fits into your mature and enlightened life. It is also possible to find someone who will grow and evolve along with you. But this won’t happen either if you insist upon forcing a person into a gap in your life.

There is love available that is exactly what songs are written about.

The current news has much to say about abuse and violence in relationships. We want you to know that it is a learning process in this environment as well. In order to expect someone to value and cherish your physical and emotional health, you will have to leave your abuser and heal. If you don’t heal you will likely find another abuser. Sadly, songs are written about this as well.

What may be possible is that you find someone who is less abusive and make changes to your relationship so that growth may occur. Then your next relationship may be more loving and supportive than the one before. This may happen if you really don’t want to be alone as you seek higher levels of awareness.

The dark part is that many of you may not be able to leave your current abuser due to threats and genuine fear. Still make steps to increase your spirituality as you are forced to coexist with someone who is controlling and abusive. You may reach the Light in many areas of your life and still function as a couple or family.

The harsh truth may be that when someone tries to leave they may not survive. If this feels like your reality then seek help if you have decided to leave. It is a very dangerous time when one tries to break from an abusive person.

There are many posts and articles about people who “stay” and people who “leave.” They usually start by stating, “Why I left…” or “Why I stayed…” Take heart and seek your Higher Power to help you divine your path.

Hopefully, these situations are the exception and not the rule.

If you are not being abused then we encourage you to allow God back into your life. Be grounded and centered. Rejoin your current chart and walk through any relationship that is intended to teach you. This is how you learn. God is not able to grant you the wish of that perfect someone because He has not agreed to skip any of your lessons either. There is no magic. You must walk the path and gather many teaching experiences. Then, you will be better able to recognize and accept that special someone because you will be strong, stable and self-assured. Looking forward not at your feet wondering why life has failed you.

You didn’t chart to fail. We promise. You charted recovery from negativity and contrast. You charted success from disabilities, childhood abuse and any amount of emotional suffering. The goal is to heal and find God no matter what pain you have endured. Please don’t try to skip over some of the most beautiful parts. Life would then truly feel lost.

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