Turning Inward

This is the time of year when we get ready for colder weather. As we look inward toward our home and family we must still keep our spiritual pursuits as a priority. What many of you have forgotten is to keep grounded and receptive to God and spirit.

You have begun to feel blocked and frustrated. The barriers are not imposed by God. You have increased the distance between God and you. Some of your attention has turned to superficial and petty things. You’ve lost your connection to Mother Earth and God.

You feel frustrated because your life is not what you want it to be but YOU have lost your way. You have narrowed your focus and been less than willing to accept anything but the best for yourself. You have forgotten that every experience is intended to teach you. When you limit your openness to life many lessons go unlearned.

This is NOT God’s way. To find the seemless flow of life again you must relax, meditate and find the stillness of the Universe in your soul. Why did you hurry past everything? How many people did you block out and intentionally avoid? Some people are truly dark and negative and should be avoided but you have also avoided the people on your path.

How do you know who is on your path and who isn’t? By faith and stillness. Allow God to guide your day. Experiences will be brought to you according to your chart unless YOU take the reins and derail the whole process. People are brought to you for a reason. Learn from them and take some important experiences with you.

Making your life smaller does not actually make it any easier. Opening up your mind and expectations is what makes your life feel blessed and charmed. The frustration you feel is your own attempt to control your experiences. God is the North Star of our Universe. You have a path but you must follow it. It is your free will to allow God to bring your life to you as planned. If you exercise your free will and take yourself in 10 different directions that are not charted, of course you are feeling blocked and barren.

Find your center by being grounded. Flush all of the dark and murky energy out of your entire being. Fill yourself back up with White Light and positive thoughts and feelings.

You cannot find eternal love with judgement in your heart. That is the block that you have created. Then you wonder why you don’t have a soul love in your life! You won’t meet the perfect someone if you give the Universe the exact height, weight, eye color and profession of your one true love. No one can fill that menu!

Real life is about finding a genuine love and friendship which may turn to romantic love. Love at first sight is not the norm but the exception. He or she is not glowing among the starlight. They are actually regular people with regular families and occupations. They are DEFINITELY a work in progress. Why? Because they haven’t paired with their true love yet either.

Don’t lock the doors by waiting for someone who is “perfect.” No one is perfect just yet. Love and history and committment is what will make them your kind of perfect.

Ask the Universe for your perfect love and leave out any of your details. God knows who it is. Follow the “flow” of life and “allow” God to piece together the steps to your meeting or getting to know someone.

Then be “open” to the fact that this one person may not actually be the love of your life but the best teacher for what you really want and what you don’t really want. Self-actualization is a process. You might not really like Prince or Princess Charming because you haven’t experienced true love just yet. They might actually be annoying. Beautiful, but annoying!

Life is also a process and you must keep yourself from skipping ahead too many steps. You have already missed some important experiences. Hopefully, God may bring some of those experiences back around again to broaden and fulfill your life.

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