Mirror, Mirror

The energy obstacles of August have been cleared away. There is greater clarity and intent if you’d like to focus on what needs to be done. Set some goals and bring about some much-needed changes.

You have been missing some obvious signs. Spirit states that we have not been actually seeing our true selves in the mirror. We have been accustomed to the same image looking back that we have overlooked some changes in our level of experience.

Spirit states that our recent achievements are seen just on the outer edges of our being. If you have ever read about some exercises to see peoples’ aura you may be familiar with unfocusing at the outer edge of someone’s body. You may see colors of varying clarity and strength. Each color has meaning and the strength of your aura is measured by how far it extends outside of you.

The energy barrage of late has been an effective educator. We have had to make decisions and adjust our plans in order to react to the shifting energy waves. Many of us have had a belief that this energy was “bad” or “negative.” Spirit would like to get you away from making these assumptions. Any energy must be managed and utilized to the best of your ability. There is no “good” if you have the proper perspective. It is all good and provides you with much-needed contrast to learn from.

If you have managed this past month by being flexible and still getting things done, you have used the energy properly. If you have felt down, negative and defensive, perhaps you must choose a better perspective. If you have been fighting with yourself, others in your life AND the Universe, much has been missed.

People seem to assume much too quickly that things are bad. This is a downfall of your human existence. Spirit may be very near and sending you messages of love and support and you are trying to sage grandma out of the house! It is fine if you sage your home or perform cleansing rituals. Usually, there are statements made about releasing energy that does not come from God or does not have your best interest at heart. Grandma should survive this. But then what happens? You assume that your cleansing did not work and Grandma really has to go! You bump up your ritual to include any and all energy. You search websites for “house blessings” and possibly “exorcism!” By then, Grandma will find another loved one to visit.

Your departed loved ones do understand your tendency to fear. They will either resist your attempts to show them the door or they will bless you on their way out. They also try very hard to give you clues about who they are. Sometimes a smell, sound, song, vision of them in period dress, the barking of a dog or perhaps a thought insertion. You have a thought about Grandma that just pops in your head. Or, you mention to someone who you have been thinking about Aunt Jane lately.

You are the one that assigns a fear response to your unseen guests. You assume the worst and go about making it into cement! Even a vision may be wispy, feminine and smell like Grandma’s favorite perfume. Then you are completely sure it is a demon who is trying to lull you into thinking they are Grandma. Relax! If anything, try not to react either 100% positive or negative. Just accept the event and gently ponder if you have noticed any contributing factors such as a new baby, an anniversary, a death, a wedding, a familiar song or you came across Grandma’s photo while you were cleaning. Doesn’t this sound much more pleasant than scouring your house with pickle salt?

The truth is, if you say a prayer of protection 2-3 times a day, you will probably not suffer at the hands of a nefarious ghoul. If you sage your home and other spaces of your life, you will also decrease your chances of a visiting earthbound ghost. Buy a few crystals of protection as well. Be calm. Be cool.

It is also a good idea to use protective angels, guides and animals. Bring about any comforting and protective beings and give them permission to act on your behalf.

Now, look in the mirror again. Be relaxed, grounded and open-minded. See the colors that surround you. This latest energy wave had much to teach you. See that newfound wisdom and courage. Don’t see the vision of you dressed for work or play. Instead, see the years of knowledge and experience. “Bad” and “negative” are teachers as well. You would be surprised to know just how many loved ones, angels and guides are included in your reflection.

Some of you have a small team of 4 around you. Others have a full squad of 12 or more. If it resonates with you, visit a psychic, medium or other clairvoyant to find out who is included in your reflection. If you have a loved one near, they usually are around for a short period of time. They may pass a message, get you through an illness or celebrate your birthday with you then leave. Guides are near you for a much longer period of time. Some for years and others for a lifetime. You also have assigned angels and Archangels. You may even have a few pets who have devoted their time to be by your side. It truly is an amazing amount of love that is a part of your energy field from day-to-day.

Spirit is a normal, non-scary part of your life. Acknowledge your entourage and know that the energy that visits from time to time is usually someone loving and supportive. If they did not truly care for you they would not seek to embrace you.

Release your need to judge something as bad or negative. It just is. You learn from all of your experience and that beautiful aura of wisdom grows with an open mind.

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