Match Up Memory Game

We have all been experiencing new things and expanding our knowledge. There may be some confusion as of late. We seem to be experiencing and not categorizing all of these new events. That is ok. It is good to just let things BE. There will be plenty of time to organize your new thinking later.

The energy we have around us is ripe for disorganization. If you try too hard to organize your experiences now it would be a lot like the memory game where all of your cards are face down and you have to systematically uncover a pair in order to remove them from the table. This doesn’t sound like much fun especially when we aren’t exactly sure what our current experiences might be. Yes, confusion.

Let it rest for now. Be certain that you are learning and your soul is expanding. There is a rush of new energy and it may be futile to be organized right now. Feel, sense, allow, breathe and accept the gifts that are quickly coming into frame.

Ask for what you want AND need. Focus on relationships first. Resolution is readily available. Smooth some conflicts. Resolve any misunderstandings and celebrate the joy that we all feel at this time. It is a great period to place many things in perspective. Ask for positive outcomes and receive. This will occur at home and at work, in the community and at the places you frequent… but you need to ask.

What would be your next priority? Job, health, leisure, car repairs, fantasy league, remodeling… This is the time to seek your desired outcomes. Visit with old friends, have lunch with your grandmother, playfully look for a new job… Keep it light and relaxed. No walls or barriers.

You may realize that you have been juggling the many balls of family, work, home, loved ones, your child’s sports…but you didn’t notice that those balls hit the floor long ago. They rolled away and have been lost for some time. Yes, that confused energy we have mentioned. But the good news is that you may just experience, enjoy and ALLOW life to be good, really good. No thinking or organization required.

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