Endless Bowl of White Light

We have so many healing visions at our disposal. Many of you feel frustrated with stress, illness, injury or unpleasant events. You often forget to use the power of prayer to help you out. Many things are not necessary to your chart and you may be relieved of them just as easy as asking. If you are not relieved then perhaps it is something you have to experience for your growth.

Use the bowl of amazing White Light for any need. For aches or pains, envision the unhealthy portion of your body immersed in the Bowl of White Light. Continue to dip or wash the area until your mind’s eye gives you the vision of healthy color again. The damaged or ill area may have appeared red, brown or even black. Healthy colors would be flesh tones, peach, white or even emerald-green (which is the color of healer Archangel Raphael.)

Is there a tense relationship? Envision both or all parties soaking in your Bowl of White Light. Flush or rinse each person until the water runs clear again. This image may need to be refreshed often to resist everyone’s tendency to fall into their usual unhealthy habits in relationships with others.

Does your workplace need a rinse? Is your dog looking sluggish? Does your car sound like it may be headed to a repair shop? Anything may be improved with the bountiful White Light of God.

Do you need to soak in a hot tub of White Light? Please do. Release all of your stress and worry. Slow your breathing and enter a meditative state while soaking in that tub. Ask for all the help you want or need. You may release your stress by speaking about it as you let it go. You may also need to rinse and refresh the colors of all of your body’s energy. Relax and allow yourself to regain a healthy, vital glow.

The important thing to remember is to resist allowing your stress to return. Keep your colors bright and fluid. Recognize any flags that signal a return to upset and unwellness.

Perform this exercise at bedtime. Float on waves of white, gold and silver. Cleanse and clear all of your energy centers and drift off to a restful sleep. You can say a prayer to ask your guides and angels to keep you from gathering your stress again while you sleep. Pray for a bright, happy and peaceful wake up. Just remember to give your guides and angels permission to act on your behalf.

Give this simple tip a try. Use your Bowl of White Light to improve all areas of your life and the lives of your loved ones as well.

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