There Is Always Hope

You must never give up on life. There is always hope and God’s love will always find you. As we have stated before, this life is about perspective. Even the bad or negative events are acceptable and intended to teach you something.

Finding yourself facing Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis… and a list of many other potentially terminal illnesses is both a teaching and learning tool.

You teach those around you with your positive attitude, strength to battle the illness, spiritual outlook and unwavering faith in God. You learn from these illnesses by finding that positive attitude, strength, outlook and faith.

Being the one stricken with one of these diseases is more profound and difficult than being a close loved one of someone afflicted. You have written this chart. You asked God to allow you the experience of coping with serious illness. This is a hard-won life. It is challenging for you and your loved ones. Failure is not black and white. There are many shades of spiritual success in this life chart.

Sometimes the teaching that you bring to those around you is the success that you seek. There are many life charts that follow this principle. More common illnesses along this line are severe mental illness, severe birth defects, terminal childhood illnesses and diseases that take your mental capacity with age. Why? Because you have little to learn from being so disabled that you cannot communicate or display your advanced spiritual knowledge.

An example would be Alzheimer’s Disease. At a certain point you cannot care for yourself or communicate meaningfully with those around you. Some believe that once you are in the advanced stages your soul may have already crossed over leaving just the physical shell here. Then at this point are you still learning? Yes, on the Other Side. Are you still teaching those around you here on Earth? Yes, definitely.

Why is there always hope when you have a terminal illness? Because this life is merely a schoolroom. You have very much to learn and to teach. Your soul may have advanced to a certain point that you are eager for this staunch challenge. You have experienced and completed many other life charts and it is time to cope with a serious illness that will overtake many of your abilities to care for yourself. Your goal may be to become nonverbal and nearly immobile and still find comfort in God. AND to teach your loved ones to also find God while witnessing your mental and physical deterioration.

This is one of the more difficult charts. Spirit brings to mind the life and death of Robin Williams. He was experiencing severe depression and then was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He was unable to find the Light of God through the eyes of his depression. His recent diagnoses felt to be too much to cope with and overcome. He would have done much better had he not been depressed. His initial reaction to Parkinson’s may have knocked him down for a while but he would have likely found some purpose in life despite this debilitating illness. He may have begun to speak publicly about the disease and it’s progression. Perhaps he would have been a role model. He may have shared his stages of coping and been able to inspire others who are dealing with the same illness.

Sadly, he did not take this route. This is an example of the severity of a disease impairing someone mentally, making them unable to cope. His deep depression compromised his view on life just as someone in the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease cannot cope with stress, changes in their level of functioning or the loss of feeling purposeful. Their mental capabilities are lost.

A debilitating illness acts like a filter on a camera lens. One cannot face life as it truly is. Someone in an acute manic state is unable to manage their chronic illness. Their insight and judgment are critically impaired. The same is true for someone in a severe depression. Another example is an individual with significant paranoid schizophrenia. Their ability to function while battling cancer is seriously compromised. They may not be able to tolerate treatment due to their psychotic symptoms. Then, their loved ones must watch in vain as the person succumbs to the disease. The patient’s mental restrictions have compromised their ability to take good care of themselves.

There is always forgiveness as well. God will take into account when you have this desperately altered view on life and choose to cope in a negative way. What is your intent? Are you trying to manipulate others by acting out? Do you want to bring others down by behaving in a certain way? Are you making someone pay because you have a terminal illness? This is not God’s Way. Are you truly unknowing of your actions due to mental disease or defect? Then there is understanding.

There is always something to learn. Just by loving and being a part of someone’s life teaches you many things. Use these lessons to grow and fulfill your chart. Mistakes are often made. This is ok too. Our wish is that you learn from their and your mistakes and choose a better response next time.

Please remain positive and find God’s Purpose in any action or event. Do not judge. We cannot know how someone feels or what difficulties they are dealing with. We are uncertain just how we would react in their very same situation. Offer love. Offer understanding and support.

Be God in human form. Know that there is always hope, forgiveness and something to be learned. Take the perspective of your Divine Self. You ARE capable of immense forgiveness. Your soul will grow with this experience and you will recognize when someone’s mental capacity interferes with making positive, healthy decisions.

With Love for our brother,

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